Pentagon for the Russian launch of “Sarmat”: We were informed in advance

Russia duly notified the United States before launching an intercontinental ballistic missilethe Pentagon said Wednesday, adding that sees the test as routine, not a threat to the United StatesReuters and the Guardian reported. Russia said earlier on Wednesday it is carried out the first test launch of its intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat“- a new addition […]

After violence in Jerusalem, rocket fire at Israel

After attacks in Israelmuscular operations in West Bank and violence this weekend in Jerusalema first rocket in months was fired on Monday evening April 18 towards Israeli territory, a sign that local tensions show no sign of easing. On Monday evening, the alarm sirens sounded in southern Israel for this first rocket launch from the […]

3 unsuccessful attempts, NASA rocket with mission to the moon is retested

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – The United States Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) seeks to retest the rocket Artemis 1 who will go to the moon after failing to refuel at several dress rehearsals they have held since April 1, 2022. In the dress rehearsal, Artemis 1 conducted an experiment […]

87 Luxembourg high school students ready to launch their satellite

Eighty-seven students from the country will take part, on Saturday April 23, in the CanSat competition, by launching their own mini-satellite at an altitude of 1,000 m via powder rockets, on the Eselborn military air base. Created in 2010 at the initiative of the European Space Agency, CanSat is a scientific educational project that puts […]

Ukrainian soldiers shot down a Russian drone VIDEO

Ukrainian soldiers have published a video of the downing of a Russian drone with a Star Strike missile. The case is from April 9, writes “Daily Mail”. The footage shows a soldier aiming and firing a laser-guided anti-aircraft missile. The hit was successful, as the Orlan drone fell to the cheers of Ukrainian forces. Boris […]

APU destroyed three enemy flying objects

Photo: Enemy Army’s Newest Drone Has Landed The Russian army suffers heavy losses in military equipment. This time Ukrainian fighters shot down several drones, a rocket and a helicopter. During the day on April 8, the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three air targets of the invader: a cruise […]

Ventilation valve jams, NASA stops refueling giant Artemis 1 rocket

FLORIDA – A second attempt at refueling for Megarocket moon mission Artemis 1 on Monday 4 April 2022 due to a jammed vent valve. It is known that the stuck vent valve is above the supporting movable glide structure rocket Artemis 1 di Launch Pad 39B NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida. “Because [untuk] vent valve […]

The giant deal that Bezos wants to overtake Musk in space

The race between the two richest men on the planet – Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos has long gone beyond its territory and moved into space. As for the high-speed Internet provided by satellites in orbit, Musk is leading so far, but the founder of Amazon is not giving up. SpaceX’s Starlink system has long […]

4 Lightning Strikes Hit Mega Moon Rocket Launch Platform

FLORIDA – Four lightning strike hit the launch pad of the Mega Moon rocket during testing on Saturday April 2, 2022 at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Rocket, part of Artemis I’s mission to take humans to the moon is the most powerful in the world and has a height of 98 […]

Nasa begins final test with its lunar mega-rocket – News

NASA on Friday begins a crucial two-day test of its giant Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, which includes a countdown simulation as the agency prepares to take humans to the moon. Known as a general test with circulation of fuel, it is the last major test ahead of this summer’s Artemis-1 mission in the northern […]