Acrobats, dancers and music for the Kings in Tudela

tudela – From horseback riding to show with dancers and acrobats, between Christmas music and confetti. Tudela changed this year, given the health measures derived from the pandemic, the traditional Cavalcade that served to receive their Majesties from the East on their arrival in the city, for other 15-minute performances with which it was tried […]

“Static” horseback riding without kisses or photos with the Three Kings

Royal emissaries are working hard these days to reassure all the children. Although there are no great celebrations or parades in the streets, the Three Wise Men will arrive in Aragon on January 5. Each municipality studies the most appropriate way to receive Their Majesties with the only common premise of “respecting the rules against […]

The musical ‘Hansel and Gretel’ gives way to the meeting with the Magi tomorrow

‘The queen of the snows’ yesterday in the Valey. / OMAR ANTUÑA B. PINE WHITE STONES. Monday, January 4, 2021, 15:15 In the second cultural event of the new year, the Valey Cultural Center in Piedras Blancas yesterday became the setting for the well-known family musical ‘The Snow Queen’, the work of Danish writer Hans […]

The Lodosa txikis will be able to see the Three Kings in the bullring

lodosa – The txikis of Lodosa are not going to stay without seeing the Three Wise Men and it is that, as they explained from the City Council, they have decided to open wide the doors of the bullring, and in this case, and to ensure that no one is left without seeing them, they […]

The walk got a good bite in the UFC. Plus a main match!

Jiří Procházka rejoices after winning the UFC. Will he experience the same feelings after the second battle? repro: video “The opponent is very good, it’s basically number one when I miss the Blachowicz title holder. Now he has two defeats in a row, but this means nothing. In the first match he lost controversially and […]