EU to accelerate support to Ukraine – Borrell

EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell The head of European diplomacy appealed to EU countries to provide weapons to Ukraine as it prepares to intensify the Russian military campaign. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that the European Union will accelerate the provision of the necessary support to Ukraine. […]

4 years do not raise you? Get away from this company!

This is not a sacred number and do not be afraid of it, but accept it as an occasion to think If more than four years have passed since you were last promoted, you should probably give up on the idea that one day you will get one, says Whitney Johnson, career development coach at […]

Maria Bakalova in winter Sozopol (Photos)

Unlike most of the times we are used to seeing the actress in dresses by Dior and Louis Vuitton, this time Bakalova opted for rocker clothes and a T-shirt of the legendary AC / DC. PHOTOS: Facebook / Maria Bakalova Native actress Maria Bakalova, who was a stone’s throw away from the Oscars last year, […]

Miro has been sober for 3 full years

He drank with misfortune and depression “Hello, today I am 3 years since I was sober… 3 years ago I made a choice. This was the second best decision of my life so far … I am grateful to be sober. Thank you, Lord! ”, Miro wrote in his profiles on social networks. He now […]

Cosa Nostra behind the plagiarism affair between Al Bano and Michael Jackson

Thirty years ago, the Italian sued the King of Pop for being identical to his song It all started in 1991, when Jari, the son of Al Bano and Romina Power, listened to Michael Jackson’s newly released album – Dangerous. The 18-year-old then realized that the song Will You Be There by the king of […]

When love for a woman is stronger than faith in God

Spanish bishop leaves church to marry erotic novelist Only 11 years ago, Javier Novel became known as the youngest bishop in his native Spain. He was then 41 years old and headed the Diocese of Solsona in the northeastern part of Catalonia, where he was ordained a priest in 1997. Javier is doomed to church […]

Adele buys Sylvester Stallone’s Los Angeles mansion for $ 58 million

Singer Adele has agreed to buy the mansion of Sylvester Stallone for $ 58 million, reported. The documents are currently being prepared. The property is located in Beverly Park in Los Angeles and Stallone wanted 110 million for it, and then lowered the price to 80. Now, however, he has agreed to much less. […]

Ivo Arakov flies over Cambodia for over 25 hours

Arakov in Cambodia Ivo Arakov went on vacation to Cambodia, in the province of Khao Kong. It is located on the second largest island of Koh Ring, where the fifth season of the reality show “Survivor” was filmed in 2014. “Here I am. Two things – I’m glad it’s 30 ° C, but at the […]

Paul Stanley from “Kiss” became infected for the second time – with Omicron

Paul Stanley Paul Stanley from the rock band “Kiss” is infected with the new coronavirus for the second time, announced Contactmusic, quoted by BTA. The musician has tested positive for the new coronavirus and is with the Omicron variant. Stanley has been vaccinated against Covid-19, is being infected for the second time and family members […]

“Sex and the City” made Sarah Jessica Parker insanely rich

Sarah Jessica Parker Photo: Instagram Actress Sarah Jessica Parker owes much to her role in Sex and the City. According to “Variety”, she earned more than a million dollars for an episode of the sequel to the series called “And Just Like That”. As the series has ten episodes, the actress’ fortune will increase by […]