Indonesia, Singapore tighten travel restrictions amid spike in cases

On July 14, Indonesia and Singapore saw a sharp rise in the number of new COVID-19 cases as these countries continued to tighten travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. >> COVID-19: record number of daily infections in Indonesia >> COVID-19: Indonesia’s death toll exceeds 1,000 in 24 […]

Corona costs employees up to two months’ wages

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Corona pandemic: 70 percent vaccinated in New York – restrictions lifted

The bars are full, the parties are back: New York City is back with a successful vaccination campaign. The picture looks a little different across the country. After more than 70 percent of adults in New York State have at least one dose of the Coronavirus Governor Andrew Cuomo has lifted all remaining restrictions. “Today […]

Vaccination cannot be required to travel – Europe

BRUSSELS – The European Commission calls on the Member States to return to a coordinated approach on the freedom of movement of people and goods. “We ask for a return to a correct application of the recommendations adopted by the EU Council. We have sent a letter to six member states on the ban on […]

2021: the year the Covid-19 crisis will end | Opinion

Vaccines are a true turning point. Most of the candidates have been shown to be much more effective than expected in clinical trials and will be produced in much larger quantities than expected. In turn, the light at the end of the crisis tunnel is increasingly visible. Assuming the vaccines are approved and licensed for […]

All about compulsory insurance for expats in Thailand in 1 click

(publi-information) The very cautious reopening of Thailand and the maintenance of restrictions in place which should last at least until June 2021 complicate the procedures for tourists but also for expatriates wishing to return to the country. Which visa is better to apply for and what documents do I need to provide? Expat Insurance Scanner […]

Grandma doesn’t want to rush to unravel. readers are also against it

If the third degree of the five measures came into force in the Czech Republic from next week, this would mean loosening a number of restrictions. A huge change would be the opening of all stores, which must currently be closed. At the same time, the night curfew would end and pubs and restaurants would […]