Ivo Arakov flies over Cambodia for over 25 hours

Arakov in Cambodia Ivo Arakov went on vacation to Cambodia, in the province of Khao Kong. It is located on the second largest island of Koh Ring, where the fifth season of the reality show “Survivor” was filmed in 2014. “Here I am. Two things – I’m glad it’s 30 ° C, but at the […]

Spain has already manufactured 380 million Covid-19 vaccines | Companies

Spain has started from zero to 380 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine in a few months. In December of last year, the country did not have any plant that manufactured vaccines for human use on a large scale, but thanks to the agreements of national laboratories with the multinationals Moderna and with AstraZeneca, the Spanish […]

Covid-19. The incidence rate of the virus remains very low in the Guérande peninsula

Circulation of Covid-19 is once again experiencing a resurgence of activity in the department where the incidence rate, 67, is just higher than that of the national one, 53. However, it is necessary to put into perspective, says the mayor of The Baule, Franck Louvrier. According to the latest figures communicated by the Regional Health […]

Pop folk singer Ornela dies (Video)

Ornella or Theodora, as her real name is Photos: Facebook / MAKE Up-Miss BONI “I don’t want to believe that so quickly I started losing more and more wonderful people with whom life met me… Bright road my beautiful, Ornella Rest in peace and may you share many beauty, kindness and amazing songs in the […]

Mauro Lainez, out the rest of the tournament due to injury

One more loss due to injury in America. Mauro Lainez he will be out of activity for six to seven weeks (month and a half) due to a tear and with this he is practically out of the current tournament. “The America club reports that the player has a muscle injury in the rectus femoris […]

Rest in peace, my dear. Ronaldo is in tears – Offside – Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo is having a hard day. Not only in Manchester United, where coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer left him out of the starting line-up for the last time, which provoked a wave of criticism. The Portuguese have recently been hit by a devastating report. Soraia’s wife died to one of his closest friends, José Semed. […]

There is a new problem, the hotel and restaurant business is increasingly ‘crying blood’

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The hotel sector entrepreneurs admitted that they objected to the Government’s plan to implement the Clean, Health, Safety, Environment (CHSE) certification. The chairman of the BPD (Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association) PHRI Jakarta, Sutrisno Iwantono, assessed that the certification was very difficult for the business world, which is currently already carrying […]

There are already six candidates for the post of mayor of Kharkiv

Photo: Kharkiv City Council Extraordinary elections of the mayor of Kharkiv will be held on October 31 Only one candidate is running for a political party. All the rest are self-nominated. In Kharkiv, the city territorial election commission at a meeting decided to register six candidates for the post of mayor. It is reported by […]