“Raznosim” render KIA Sportage 2022

The crossover sketch was not drawn by us, but we can find fault with it with pleasure. New KIA Sportage 2022, render: Carscoops Foreign portal Carscoops has shared a fresh render of the 2022 KIA Sportage model year. To say that the car turned out to be terrible is to say nothing. Particularly frightening is […]

screen glass leaks and confirms how it looks from the front

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro is an absolute mystery. Nobody knows how it looks like. But this leak seems to confirm some previous reports. The Huawei Mate 40 Pro is proving to be a relatively conflictive and mysterious terminal. Since each new leak seems contradict partially to the previous ones. So we’ve reached a strange […]

Everything we need to know about Susanin

The network shows a render of a handsome man. Nissan Pathfinder was born in 1996, and in 2021 it is waiting for the next update. What do we need to know about this beauty? Go. The style. Exterior the new “Pafika” will be more elegant and “fresh” – the car will be made in the […]

Hybrid LADA 4×4 and Suzuki Jimny shown

Two legends merged into one. Everyone knows that Suzuki Jimny for the Japanese is like a Niva for Russians. The iconic Japanese SUV is available from 1968 to the present day. This car was originally an open key car with only three seats. Under his hood, an engine with an air capacity of 25 horsepower […]

A mid-engine Chevrolet Camaro? Put me two

Definitely Chevrolet it has been played transforming one of its icons, the Corvette, in a central motor sports. A transformation with which he will surely be able to catch up with his main European rivals on the track and who knows if it was his, but. Will it convince the most staunch fans of genuine […]