The court canceled the regional status of the Russian language in the Dnipropetrovsk region

The court decided to fully satisfy the petition of the regional prosecutor’s office and to declare illegal the decision of the Dnipropetrovsk regional council to support the language policy in Ukraine, according to which the regional status of the Russian language was preserved. The court also recognized that this decision of the regional council contradicts […]

What are the favorite recipes of the French according to the regions?

To each region his favorite recipe. The cooking site Kitchen , which has 20 million unique visitors per month (Médiamétrie data), unveiled in the JDD from 1is August which were the most cooked dishes according to the regions of France. Against all odds, in Brittany, a Creole dish is at the top: rougail sausage. On […]

Weather. Two regions of the globe now uninhabitable for humans

The addition of high heat with humidity makes certain terrestrial regions almost unbearable for humans. This is what the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – announced in its latest report to be released on August 9. after the distribution of extracts via theAFP. Two regions are particularly affected by this phenomenon of “Wet […]

In Belgium, an official offered to give one of the regions to the Netherlands

Mayor of Antwerp Barth de Wever The Flemish region occupies more than 40% of the territory of Belgium and includes the five northern provinces of the country. The mayor of the Belgian city of Antwerp, Bart de Vever, believes that the Flanders region should be annexed to the neighboring Netherlands. The official shared this opinion […]

Macron’s party lost the elections in France

Regional elections are over in France In none of the regions were representatives of Macron’s party elected, as were representatives of Marine Le Pen’s party. In France, the party of President Emmanuel Macron Forward, Republic! lost in regional elections, as did Marine Le Pen’s National Rally. Victory was won by the right-wing Republicans and, to […]

Home insurance: from one region to another, the prices go from the simple to the double

YOUR MONEY – Jean-Pierre Pernaut and his team discussed in particular last Saturday in “Jean-Pierre and you – Your money” home insurance. Price differences, sometimes from simple to double, exist between regions depending on climatic “risks” or burglaries. Geoffrey Lopes – 2021-06-23T11:42:50.936+02:00 Everyone knows that there are strong culinary, cultural, economic, meteorological and transport disparities […]

an astonishing whirlwind of dust observed in the south of the department

The facts took place this Monday, June 7, in Lys-Haut-Layon in Maine-et-Loire. A passerby filmed an astonishing meteorological phenomenon : kind of dust whirlpool, also called “dust devil”. As reported West France, this phenomenon is similar to a mini tornado. The said passer-by, named Grégory, confided his astonishment to our colleagues: “I thought I saw […]