Insurers check applications for corona infection very carefully

May 19, 2022 – The business magazine Capital asked five insurers about their acceptance practices for potential new customers who have gone through a corona infection. As was the case more than a year ago, the companies report that Corona is treated like any other disease in the risk assessment. It is not planned to […]

The best disability tariffs in the Infinma judgment

May 3, 2022 – The market standards defined by Infinma in disability insurance are (over) met by 16 tariffs offered in Germany by eight providers. The leading group includes Continentale, Credit Life, Dialog, Europa, Hannoversche, Metallrente, Volkswohl Bund and Zurich Deutscher Herold. ADVERTISING Die Infinma Institute for Financial Market Analysis GmbH has re-examined which tariffs […]

The Most Profitable Liability Insurers – VersicherungsJournal Deutschland

January 14, 2022 – Eleven market participants achieved combined ratios of less than 75 percent in 2020. The most profitable was the Cosmos, which spent just 36 percent of revenue on claims and costs. The Volkswohl Bund and the Mecklenburgische have improved particularly strongly. This can be found in the “Industry Monitor 2015-2020: Liability Insurance” […]

2022 “definitely” more corporate insolvencies

January 11, 2022 – 2021 brought another decline in corporate insolvencies. This trend is now likely to have come to an end. Since the third and especially the fourth quarter, Creditreform has registered a “normalization” of insolvency events. In the credit and insurance sector, 70 bankruptcies were counted, and the insolvency rate in the sector […]

Quiz. Can you recognize these cows?

Tuesday 28 December 2021 20:30 … Do you recognize these cows? © Photo: Ouest-France Aubrac or prim’holstein? Black or blue magpie from the North? Here are ten pictures of cows. Can you identify the races to which they belong? It’s your turn ! West France .

Free Fire or PUBG Mobile, Which Survival Game is Suitable to Accompany Your Day

Friday, 24 December 2021 18:04 Editor Anytime Free Fire or PUBG Mobile, Which Survival Game is Suitable to Accompany Your Day Free Fire and PUBG Mobile mobile games are some of the most popular games played. Because both of them present the same survival concept, have you ever been confused about which one to play. […]

Grawe bestowed award – VersicherungsJournal Österreich

November 8th, 2021 – This year, the Grazer Wechselseite has given an award to Corina Madreiter-Sokolowski and her team from the Medical University of Graz for research on cell aging, specifically on the energy supply to mitochondria, which in turn produce energy for the cells of the human body are. Research is carried out with […]

GDV wants residential building insurance only with elementary protection

1.11.2021 – The insurance association has submitted a position paper in which it proposes that all existing contracts in private residential building insurance be supplemented with elementary protection. New contracts should only be offered with the module. When it comes to the premium, there should be “individual solutions” for cases of hardship. In future, new […]

Hyunjin or Bang Chan Stray Kids, Who Will Accompany You to the Fortune Teller?

Saturday, October 16, 2021 10:10 Renisya Satya Hyunjin or Bang Chan Stray Kids, Who Will Accompany You to the Fortune Teller? Fortune tellers are people who can predict our future, both in love and career. Usually people who are confused about their future, they will go and ask fortune tellers for predictions. If you are […]