PUBG Free to Play Multiplayer Crossplay Explained For PS4, XBOX AND PC

LATEST KALBAR – Update 15.2 is out and the developer has shared sticky notes. There’s a lot to enjoy from the update including drones and a very helpful tutorial mode that introduces new players to the game while helping established players get better. It is one of the best battle royale games available and the […]

Asus ROG Phone 5s and PUBG New State Collaboration, Rp 726 Million Prize Available – Concurrent product launch ASUS ROG Phone 5s Series of Indonesia, Asus announced collaboration interesting with mobile games battle royale latest, PUBG: NEW STATE. This new ASUS collaboration presents a series of global elite showmatches called ROG Phone 5s x PUBG: NEW STATE Elite Showmatch. The tournament provides a total gaming equipment prize worth […]

This is a list of the 5 best weapons in PUBG New State – PUBG New State is a new game in the PUBG franchise that has more modern graphics and gameplay quality than PUBG Mobile. Just like PUBG Mobile, this game has a variety of weapons that players can use to kill enemies. There are four types of weapons available in PUBG New State, namely Assault […]

PUBG Update: New State of the Week Fix Game Controls and Lag

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PUBG: New State released earlier this month and now game developer Krafton has announced that many fixes are coming in the next update. The update includes fixes to game controls, lag issues, and several other optimizations. “We apologize for the inconvenience and a hotfix update will be rolling out this week,” reads […]

PUBG Game: New State Released Today, Check Compatible Phone Terms

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Latest games PUBG: New State will debut today, Thursday, November 11, 2021. To prepare to download the game when it is officially released, users need to make sure in advance that the device used is capable of running and playing it. Developer PUBG New State, Krafton, previously released the core system requirements […]

New Features in PUBG New State Mobile Released Today

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The popular multiplayer game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG released today, Thursday (11/11). There are a number of new features offered in this latest version. The update to PUBG New State focuses on the multiplayer mode. PUBG New State was released in 200 countries, and comes in 17 languages. New State is […]

PUBG: New State Released November 11th, Check Out the Gameplay and Initial Leaks

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A video trailer released on YouTube which revealed that PUBG Studios’ latest game, PUBG: New State, will be released globally on November 11, 2021. Through this newest game, PUBG promises a near-console experience on mobile, android and iOS devices, and will provide 17 language variants. PUBG: New State will be set in […]

PUBG New State Game Coming Soon on Android and IOS – The long wait for mobile game fans, especially the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre for the new game PUBG: New State, seems to be coming soon. The reason is, the developer of the PUBG: New State game, Krafton, has finally confirmed that the game will be coming soon on November 11. PUBG: New […]