The OP announced a sharp rise in the price of products

Products will rise in price by 10-20% A presidential adviser warned Ukrainians that food prices in Ukraine would rise by up to 20%. Products in Ukraine will rise in price by 10-20% in the near future due to high inflationary risks in world markets. This was announced by Advisor to the President of Ukraine Oleg […]

Maximum in 4 years: inflation accelerated in Ukraine

Фото: Getty Images Food prices have increased in Ukraine Food products in Ukraine in December 2021 compared to the same month in 2020 increased by 13.3%. In Ukraine, in 2021, the growth in consumer prices amounted to 10.0%, which is the highest rate since 2017 (13.7%). This is reported by the State Statistics Service. It […]

Scientists have named foods to strengthen the immune system

Citrus Oranges are often recommended to eat when you are not feeling well, and for good reason. Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, which is known to increase white blood cell counts and therefore helps your body fight off infections and disease. Oranges, grapefruits, clementines and tangerines are all delicious foods to boost your […]

Cabinet introduced state regulation of bread prices

Margin not higher than 10% State regulation of prices has been introduced for products of social importance – for bread, loaves and sunflower oil. The Cabinet of Ministers has introduced the maximum level of the trade allowance for bread and loaves. Until the end of the quarantine imposed by the pandemic, retailers cannot set a […]

Elena Zelenskaya said that mackerel costs 8 UAH / kg, then she apologized. Video

“The main rule is the simplest one. That is, they cooked themselves, bought simple, unprocessed foods themselves. Hake was worth … It was not a hake. It was frozen mackerel, from which you can make many wonderful dishes, and it stands somewhere 8 UAH per kg, “said Elena Zelenskaya. She added that her family also […]

Lanxess: Safe connectors in many colors

22.12.2021 The halogen-free, flame-retardant PA 6 can also be colored in light colors such as orange or yellow. (Photo: Lanxess) Cable harnesses are among the most complex assemblies in electric vehicles. Their numerous connectors must be marked in a wide variety of colors for better differentiation during assembly and maintenance. At the same time, they […]

Croatia confirms first death related to COVID-19 vaccination

After more than 2.2 million Croats were vaccinated against KOVID-19, the Croatian Medicines Agency (HALMED) confirmed on Tuesday the first vaccination-related death – a 33-year-old man died after being immunized with AstraZeneca , reports the Hina agency, quoted by BTA. The causal link between vaccination and side effects and the subsequent fatal outcome was assessed […]

The nutritionist told what breakfast should not be

Photo: Bad breakfast named Breakfast, according to the expert, should not contain foods containing sugar. They accelerate hunger. American nutritionist Laura Burak called breakfast the most harmful and dangerous for the human body and figure. Writes about it Eat This, Not That!. According to the expert, the worst option for the first meal of […]