Pandemic effect, everyone at home and productivity goes up – Economy

In 2020, despite the pandemic, the productivity of the average Italian worker increased beyond all expectations, exceeding the European average and champions such as Germany. Faithful to the vulgate that the Italians want to give their best in emergencies, here we are to detach our German colleagues “a lot”, and even take the sprint with […]

HUAWEI Breaks New Premium Laptops In MateBook 14s and 14 – All Pages

Huawei HUAWEI MateBook 14s and MateBook 14– It can’t be denied that nowadays laptop become one of the main needs, especially those with high performance and easy to carry everywhere. Responding to these needs, Huawei once again bringing the latest smart office experience through HUAWEI MateBook 14s and MateBook 14, the latest products from […]

Axton Salim admits he is attracted to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Axton Salim, one of the youngest directors at Indofood admits that he relies heavily on smartphones to maximize his work productivity. He is also very active on social media. To support his work and hobby of surfing the internet, he admitted to using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 as his smartphone, even […]

Investor-operator and investor-financier: the distinction

There are not only small organizations that are managed by investor-operators, recalls Rhéal Desjardins. Ben & Jerry’s (Unilever) is one example. (Photo: Chuttersnap for Unsplash) GUEST BLOG. It is particularly important to have already made you aware of a first attribute of the type “softAssociated with my definition of productivity, because this one covers the […]

The United States is on the brink of a unique boom unseen for more than 20 years

For the past 15 years, the world’s largest economy has been locked in a period of low productivity growth. Who would have guessed that the way up could involve a pandemic? This is exactly what is happening. The United States is going through productivity growth in the economy, which can only compete with that of […]

A study shows that diversity within companies increases their productivity

The companies that present the most gender diversity are more productive, but without any causal link can be formally demonstrated, concludes a note from France Stratégie and the CNRS published on Thursday. The authors of this note, which are based on an innovative combination of methodological approaches, studied in particular the relationship between gender diversity […]

48 to 40 hours

Although the bill that seeks to reduce working hours in Colombia is part of a global movement that seeks to change work dynamics to enhance productivity and at the same time provide a better quality of life, it may fall short of the hour to prevent informality and ignorance of supplementary work. This project that […]