Police Will Summon Razman-Hotman Paris regarding Reports of Immoral Posts

Jakarta – Razman Nasution question the post Hotman Paris with a number of women that led to a police report. The report has been received by Polda Metro Jaya. “Yes, the report was received,” said Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Elfan Zulpan at Pasar Senen Station, Central Jakarta, Sunday (3/4/2022). […]

Boyfriend Doesn’t Enjoy Dea’s Results Selling Porn Content on OnlyFans

Jakarta – The police have checked Dikcy Reindeer Zulpratomomale lead in porn videos Dea OnlyFans. The results of the examination Dikcy admitted that he did not enjoy the results of Dea’s profits selling pornographic content on OnlyFans. “From the results of the examination, there is no profit sharing,” said the Head of Public Relations of […]

Porn Content on OnlyFans ‘Leaks’ to the Public, Dea: This is Unexpected

Jakarta – Gusti Ayu Dewanti aka Dea claims to only create pornographic content on the OnlyFans platform. give said the ‘leak’ of pornographic photos and videos of himself on OnlyFans was beyond expectation. Dea’s lawyer, Herlambang Ponco said that Dea created content on OnlyFans for personal use. According to him, Dea made pornographic content according […]

8 Facts and Confessions of Dea OnlyFans Suspect Pornography

Jakarta – A content creator OnlyFans, Dea, was arrested by the ranks of the Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation of the Polda Metro Jaya. Dea was arrested on suspicion of pornography on the OnlyFans site. The woman whose real name is Gusti Ayu Dewanti was arrested at her boarding house in Malang, East Java, on […]

Dea Onlyfans Becomes Suspect for Creating and Spreading Porn Content

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Polda Metro Jaya stated content production and distribution activities pornography what content creators do Onlyfans Gusti Ayu Dewanti aka give became the basis for determining the suspect by the police after the examination and confiscation of Dea’s evidence. Dirkrimsus Polda Metro Jaya Sr. Comr. Auliansyah Lubis said Dea’s arrest this time […]

Dea Onlyfans Suspect in Pornography Case

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Content creator Gusti Ayu Dewanti alias give set as suspect pornography case. Dea became a suspect for allegedly spreading pornographic material on the site onlyfans. Director of Special Crimes at Polda Metro Jaya, Senior Commissioner Auliansyah Lubis, said Dea became a suspect after the police carried out the case. “The investigators […]

6 Facts about Dea Arrested by Police Due to Selling Porn Photos on OnlyFans

Jakarta – Polda Metro Jaya arrested content creator OnlyFans, Dea in Malang, East Java. Dea was arrested for selling pornographic photos through the ‘OnlyFans’ site Here are the facts of the arrest OnlyFans’ Goddess which we summarize as follows: Dea OnlyFans Arrested in Malang Dea OnlyFans Arrested at a boarding house in Malang, East Java, […]

Dea Onlyfans is still being investigated after being arrested for pornography cases

Jakarta – OnlyFans’ Goddess arrested by the police for pornography. At the moment Dea ‘Onlyfans‘ is still being investigated at Polda Metro Jaya. “Currently, we are still conducting investigations,” said Director of Criminal Investigation at the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Auliansyah Lubis to reporters, Friday (25/3/2022). Dea ‘OnlyFans’ was arrested at a boarding house in […]