POL-OF: Accident with a pedestrian – young people injured; Biker Control: High Quality…

25.05.2022 – 15:08 Police Headquarters Southeast Hesse – Offenbach Offenbach (ots) Offenbach area 1. Theft on a construction site – Offenbach (aa) On Tuesday night, thieves stole a load pressure gauge from a construction site in the Senefelder district (Obere Grenzstraße in the area of ​​the 160 house numbers). Between 7:00 p.m. and 7:45 a.m., […]

POL-OF: The Kripo Hanau asks for information: Alessandro Nigri is missing

25.05.2022 – 10:56 Police Headquarters Southeast Hesse – Offenbach Offenbach (ots) Where is Alessandro Nigri? – Langenselbold (aa) Where is Alessandro Nigri from Langenselbold? That’s what the criminal police in Hanau asks and asks the population for help in finding the 40-year-old missing person. Mr. Nigri is about 1.75 meters tall. He was wearing black […]

Never Found, Chairman of Central Sulawesi IDI Tells Surprising Things About Doctor Faisal, a Radiologist Specialist

GORONTALO TERRACE – Lost doctor specialist radiology Faisalis still being investigated by police. Besides policeIndonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi) also spoke up about the disappearance doctor specialist radiology Faisal. Chief IDI Central Sulawesi, doctor I Komang Adi Sujendra recently gave quite a shocking statement about doctor specialist radiology Faisal. Also Read: UPDATES! […]

Flashback of Drama at PTIK when KPK wants to arrest Harun Masiku

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The existence of the suspect in the inter-temporal turnover (PAW) bribery case for members of the DPR for the 2019-2024 period, Harun Masikuis still a mystery. After more than 2 years on the run, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has not been able to arrest Harun. Various problems when the KPK will […]

Extraordinary in BLIC: A businessman was abducted in Sofia

A businessman from Sofia has been missing since yesterday, and the main version of his disappearance is that he was abducted. This was revealed to BLIC by sources from the special services. Before he was abducted, the man’s apartment was searched extremely thoroughly. According to our media, he was involved in cryptocurrency trading. Probably the […]

Furious action, race, clash with a patrol and arrest in Sofia PHOTOS

A man suspected of stealing a car has been detained by police in Sofia. The arrest took place after a persecution, BNR reported. In an attempt to escape, the man hit a police car. The operation was carried out by employees of the First Regional Department of the Ministry of Interior in Sofia. The investigation […]

Video | The police stop Ignatius while he is live

Ignatius Farray, one of the most popular comedians in our country, always stars in some truly surreal moments. The last one was live: a group of policemen stop him after some neighbors noticed that it had been allegedly assaultedsomething that, luckily, did not happen.

POL-OF: No wild fishing violations; Fire on the balcony of a high-rise building; …

23.05.2022 – 15:20 Police Headquarters Southeast Hesse – Offenbach Offenbach (ots) Offenbach area 1. No violations due to wild fishing – Offenbach (aa) After the fisheries inspection on Friday, police commissioner Katharina Zeisler drew a positive conclusion: “We found anglers at various points and checked them. No violations of wild fishing were found.” Between 3:30 […]

Jiřina Bohdalová and her friend Focko: She had no idea about the detention!

Even on Friday morning, the legendary actress had no idea what was happening to her boyfriend. No one told her she was Ľubomír Focko in custody. “She laughed and was in a good mood, nothing bothered her. She didn’t know at all that something so serious was happening, “Aha told Sunday! the man who spoke […]