Pentagon may suspend arms supplies to Ukraine – UNIAN

The US Senate must approve another $40 billion by May 19. The Senate is to make a decision in the coming days / Illustration REUTERS If the Senate does not approve the project to provide assistance to Kyiv, the Pentagon may suspend arms supplies to Ukraine. About it declared US State Department spokesman John Kirby […]

Arms deliveries to Ukraine-US may suspend deliveries

The Pentagon may suspend the supply of weapons to Ukraine. This will happen if the Senate does not approve the project to provide assistance to Kyiv. In order for US military aid to Ukraine to continue uninterrupted, Kirby explained, the US Senate must approve another $40 billion by May 19 at the latest. “If we […]

US denies providing intelligence information before Ukraine sinks Russian warship

loading… The US denies providing intelligence before Ukraine sank the Russian warship Moskva. Photo/New York Post WASHINGTON – United States of America (US) again denies providing information intelligence to Ukraine . This time it is related to a Ukrainian missile attack capable of sinking warship Moscow belongs Russia off the coast of Odessa last month. […]

The cruiser Moskva sank – the United States could transmit intelligence about the ship

According to the channel’s sources, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, having noticed a Russian warship in the Black Sea, called their American colleagues to confirm that it was indeed the Moskva cruiser. “The US responded in the affirmative and provided intelligence on its whereabouts. However, it is unclear whether the US knew that Ukraine would […]

The Pentagon said that the Russian Federation in the Donbas has made little progress

Russian forces have had little success in eastern Ukraine. Despite this, Ukrainian troops continue to offer heroic resistance and hold back the enemy. “Russian troops have made little progress, in particular in the northern part of Donbass. This progress, according to the United States, is not what the Russian army expected to achieve at the […]

The United States told what weapons were given to Ukraine before and since the start of a full-scale war with the Russian Federation: list – Ukrainian news, Politics

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, the United States has allocated $3.4 billion worth of weapons, ammunition and equipment to Ukraine. The list includes heavy weapons, in particular 90 155 mm howitzers, the Pentagon press service reports. Read us in Telegram: proven facts, only important It is noted that since US President […]

Sarmat ballistic missile launch in Russia: Pentagon’s reaction – UNIAN

The US Department of Defense does not consider this a threat. Russia will launch a ballistic missile: the reaction of the Pentagon / Illustration REUTERS AT The Pentagon commented on the launch of the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile by Russia. As noted in message US Department of Defense, the US does not consider this launch […]