AMD in progress with “extreme” laptop processor for gaming

AMD announces that it has changed its plans for upcoming processor launches slightly. In 2023, the company will release a new type of processor for “extreme gaming laptops” with the code name “Dragon Range”. The company presented the news during a press conference after the quarterly report for the second quarter of the financial year […]

Microsoft Edge gets free VPN service

Microsoft announces now that they are embedding a free vpn service in their Edge browser, Edge Secure Network. Users will be able to use the VPN service to encrypt their web traffic and may even use a virtual IP address to access blocked content in some countries. According to the company, the service is intended […]

Microsoft introduces a number of new features for Windows 11

In conjunction with Microsoft’s Future of Hybrid Work event, the company has introduced a number of new features for Windows 11. As seen in Windows Explorer, tabs (called “Sets”) are on their way back to help you navigate the contents of your computer faster. Microsoft’s Context IQ technology will now appear more widely in Windows […]

Microsoft is making changes to Your Phone

For a few years, Windows has had a built-in program called Your Phone that makes it possible to connect an Android phone to the computer and, among other things, sync notifications and make calls via the computer. Now Microsoft is redoing the program a bit, with new features such as the ability to filter notices […]

The “watermark” for unsupported Windows 11 computers is getting closer

Have you installed Windows 11 on a computer that does not officially meet the system requirements? Soon you will get constant reminders about it. Microsoft has previously announced that the system will display a “watermark” on the desktop and a warning in Settings on these machines, and these are now included in the latest beta […]

Microsoft releases Directstorage – will load games faster

Directstorage is a new technology for games on Windows that Microsoft first introduced in 2020. A trial version was released in the summer of 2021. Testing has dragged on, but now the company is finally launching the feature for all game developers. A similar or identical technology is already used on the Xbox Series X, […]

It is now possible to install Windows on Steam Deck

Anyone who has got hold of Valve’s handheld gaming computer Steam Deck and wants to test something other than Linux-based Steam OS can now install Windows 10. Valve has namely released drivers for the graphics card, wifi and bluetooth so that these important components work in Windows. This means that you can, for example, play […]

AMD update to fix Ryzen issue on Windows

AMD writes that their Ryzen processors may experience problems such as hacking performance on Windows 10 and 11 due to errors that occurred in the fTPM in the Ryzen motherboard BIOS. The company says they are working on an update that will solve the problem and which will start appearing in early May. When it […]

Soon, Windows 11 Pro will require a Microsoft account

Microsoft announces now that Windows 11 Pro will soon be updated so it requires both an internet connection and a Microsoft account to install the operating system. In the past, it has been possible for Windows 11 Pro users to skip that bit if they are not connected to the Internet. In 2021, Microsoft also […]

The task manager in Windows 11 gets a new design

The engineering student Gustave Monce has discovered that in the latest preview version of Windows 11, there is a hidden version of the Task Manager that has a completely new design. Something that was first noticed by The Verge. The appearance of the new Task Manager follows the same bright aesthetics as the rest of […]