India’s ‘Accidental’ Missile Fire in Pakistan

Jakarta – Confession India who accidentally fired a long-tail missile into Pakistan. Pakistan reacted strongly and even demanded an investigation into the incident. summarizes the information as follows: Indian Ministry of Defense Admits Accidentally Fired Missiles at Pakistan Relations between India and Pakistan are now in the spotlight after the Indian Ministry of Defense […]

India Admits Accidentally Fired Missiles, Here’s Pakistan’s Response

Islamabad – Authority Pakistan react strongly to India who admitted to accidentally firing missile to his territory. Pakistan also summoned India’s diplomatic envoy in its territory to protest. As reported Reuters, Saturday (12/3/2022), Pakistani authorities previously said a missile from Indian territory fell near the town of Mian Channu, which is 500 kilometers from the […]

Asked by the West to Condemn Russian Invasion, Angry Pakistani PM: Are We Your Slaves?

loading… Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Photo/REUTERS ISLAMABAD – On March 1, the heads of 22 foreign diplomatic missions for Pakistan, including the member states of the European Union (EU) issued a joint letter to the Pakistani government. The contents of the joint letter asked Pakistan to support the UN General Assembly (UNGA) resolution […]

Malawi Declaration of Polio Outbreak, First in Africa in Five Years

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -Malawi declares plague polio after discovering the case of a young child in the capital city of Lilongwe. This is the first case of poliovirus on the African continent in five years. As reported Aljazeera On Friday 18 February 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) said the strain found in children in Lilongwe […]

Not Only Indonesia, These 7 Countries Have Moved Their Capitals – The government has decided the new name Nusantara as the nation’s capital (IKN) Indonesia, which is planned to move to Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan. Various preparations and socialization efforts are being carried out, including land acquisition and a number of supporting regulations. On the other hand, people are talking about moving again […]

Delayed Treatment, 3 DHF Patients in Pamekasan Died

PAMEKASAN, – A total of three residents in the Regency Pakistan, East Java, died of an attack Dengue fever Dengue (DBD). All three died due to delay in being treated by medical personnel in Pamekasan Regency. The acting Head of the Pamekasan District Health Office, Syaifuddin, explained that the number of dengue cases in […]

Pakistani court sentences woman to death for ‘blasphemous’ WhatsApp texting

The woman claims that she was the victim of the revenge of the guy to whom she denied intimacy. On January 19, a court in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi sentenced a Muslim woman to death by hanging for “blasphemy.” The woman allegedly posted on WhatsApp images insulting the Prophet Muhammad and one of his […]

Death toll trapped in car due to blizzard in Pakistan rises to 22

loading… The death toll from being trapped in a car due to a snowstorm in Pakistan rises to 22. Photo/New York Post ISLAMABAD – At least 22 people, including 10 children, died in the popular mountain resort town of Pakistan after being stuck in their vehicle all night while snowstorm great hit the territory. Officials […]