Georgina opens up, opens up for the first time with Ronaldo – Georgina Rodriguez openly reveals the secret that happened during her first date with Cristiano Ronaldo. As is known, life george rodriguez changed 180 degrees since getting to know the megastar of Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo. A woman who works as model recently revealed new facts about his life journey through a documentary series. […]

Melati Daeva opens up about her relationship with Praveen Jordan – After being rumored to have drifted apart, finally Jasmine Daeva openly about his relationship with Praveen Jordan. BWF Super 750 . Tournament Indonesia Masters 2021 will be held on 16-21 November 2021 at the Bali International Convention Center. Badminton players from all over the world have been here Bali to quarantine, prepare for […]

The High Priest of Al Azhar Rejects the Merger of Religions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — High Priest Al Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayyeb, rejected the call for the merging of religions in a belief called Abrahamism. He judged the call to be contrary to the value of freedom of belief. “This call, it seems, seeks to combine Judaism, Christianity and Islam in one religion under the […]

Openly Swallowing Men’s Liquid, Nikita Mirzani: There’s a Taste… – open, Nikita Mirzani claimed to have swallowed a man’s liquid, he said there was something that tasted like seafood. Nikita Mirzani wouldn’t be his name if he didn’t provide exciting and jarring information in the ears of the public and his fanatical fans. Including when he had a question and answer session with […]

Ayu Ting Ting opens up, admits she likes being in the living room one day… – singer Ayu Ting Ting | bluntly exposed his private life to Nikita Mirzani. Ayu, her nickname, claims to be the type dream partnerhe is a man from Turkey. The confession was recorded on the Crazy Nikmir REAL YouTube show on June 30, 2020 READ ALSO: Ayu Ting Ting Says in Front of Nikita […]

Moscow churches will open for parishioners from June 6 :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS All Moscow churches of the Russian Orthodox Church will be open for parishioners from June 6, and the main churches – the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Epiphany Cathedral in Yelokhov will open for parishioners from June 2. This is stated in a message published in Telegram channel […]

Rospotrebnadzor made recommendations on lifting restrictions :: Society :: RBC

The plan includes three phases. However, all this time, those at risk for the disease, including the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases, will have to stay at home. Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti Rospotrebnadzor sent the regions recommendations on the phased removal of restrictions imposed due to coronavirus, reported on the agency’s […]