Fahrunfähiger touches Parkhaus See – Ticket away

Between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (May 7th, 2022), the cantonal police of St.Gallen stopped five road users who were driving their vehicle when they were unable to drive or were under the influence of alcohol. Two men had to surrender their driver’s licenses on the spot. Friday, 4:30 p.m., Rapperswil-Jona: A 55-year-old driver hit […]

“New York Times”: New editor-in-chief

This was announced by the “New York Times” on Tuesday in New York. Kahn will in future lead an editorial office with around 1,700 employees, it said – the largest in the history of the newspaper, which was founded in 1851. Kahn has served as managing editor since 2016, the second most important position on […]

Microsoft works with Samsung to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to your TVs

Microsoft He has been betting very strongly on the Xbox brand for a long time now, which he wants to become more than just a console brand, taking Xbox much further turning it into a fundamental piece on PC with services such as Game Pass or the Xbox Game Bar for Windows and on mobile […]

After Exchange, Míša Tomešová spoke about her third child: They will wait…

In the new episode of the reality show Exchange of Wives, several surprises awaited the audience. The bigger of them was that the actress Míša Tomešová appeared on one side, who experienced first-hand what it is like to leave her own family for ten days and take care of a completely different household. The actress […]

Master online en Marketing Digital | Community Manager | Aulaformacion y UEMC

goals The purpose The last one is to train new marketing professionals in the effective integration and application of online marketing techniques in the global development of marketing and business strategies. This master trains professionals capable of maximizing the potential of new digital media in marketing strategies Son objectives o overall results of learning: The […]

Tips for applying for personal loans online

Logically, Most people still associate the terms of personal loans or financing with banks, but the truth of the matter is that there are more and more platforms that exist and that allow the request for financing through their own websites; and therefore, many more users are reflected in the interest of searching Bondora personal […]

Online loans are still booming: efficiency, transparency and security

Financial solvency is a topic of special importance in the life of any individual, who is always looking for a way to maintain economic stability indices in his day to day life. Not enjoying these margins of money means suffering all kinds of problems: from the impossibility of enjoying a decent home, to the loss […]

Abortion rights protests in New York | Abroad

International – Thousands of people have demonstrated in the US metropolis of New York against the possibly drastic restriction of abortion rights. Crowds filled Foley Square in downtown Manhattan on Tuesday as attendees wore green dresses to signal their support for female empowerment. Posters read, among other things, “Misogyny kills more people than abortion” or […]

Caco Senante, José Luis García Berlanga and restoration

Spring sayings in the voice of Alvaro Soto; voices of REE listeners with Ricardo Peralta; “Musical anniversaries” with Dalida y International Press Freedom Day that, for us, will from now on bear the face of our companion Frank Seville that he was on the verge of not being able to tell it, but happily he […]