Hong Kong prohibits stopovers at its airport to passengers from more than 150 countries

Hong Kong airport authorities announced this Friday the temporary ban on stopovers for passengers from more than 150 countries in order to “control” and contain the coronavirus pandemic. The suspension will be in effect for one month and will affect all countries classified as “high risk”. Thus, from next January 16 the ban will be […]

Covid today, last minute live | One in 10 people can still spread Covid-19 10 years later

Friday, 14 January 2022 – 07:24 The sixth wave advances with 159,161 new cases, but the incidence slows down A man is vaccinated against the coronavirus this Thursday in Marseille.CLEMENT MAHOUDEAU Coronavirus Up to 30,000 children of those infected in the fall could have persistent Covid problems Data Health notifies 159,161 new infections, 112 deaths […]

In Canada, a tax will be charged to citizens who do not accept to be vaccinated

The 10% of the unvaccinated population in that state represents 50% of those in intensive care. The province of Quebec in Canada will implement the collection of a health tax for the unvaccinated in the coming weeks, as it is paralyzed by the omicron variant. “We are working on a health contribution for all adults […]

New York Reports Decline in COVID Spread Rates – NBC New York (47)

What you should know COVID infection rates per 100,000 New Yorkers increased more than 7-fold in the past month, while the risk of hospitalization increased 4-fold. The total numbers are minimal compared to the risk for the unvaccinated. Now, however, core viral rates are experiencing slower growth rates, although they remain high. The number of […]

Baden-Württemberg wants to stick to alert level II

The limit values ​​for overloading the clinics are currently not exceeded. Nevertheless, the Baden-Württemberg government wants to maintain the existing alert level. New quarantine rules also come into force. At the first meeting of the green-black state government in the new year, the focus is on the corona pandemic and the concern about the omicron […]

Variant “deltacron” found in Cyprus, a combination of delta and omicron variants

Cypriot authorities reported the detection of up to 25 cases infection with a combined version of the variants delta and omicron of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that they have named “deltacron”. “Currently there omicron and delta coinfections. We have found a variant that is a combination of both “, explained the professor of Biology at the […]

Covid today, last minute live | Italy imposes compulsory vaccination on those over 50

Study Finds Downward Coughing Reduces Spread of Respiratory Droplets Researchers from the American Institute of Physics (AIP) have concluded that coughing down reduces the spread of respiratory droplets and, therefore, reduces the possibility of contagion from Covid-19. Since many people live indoors during the winter months and respiratory droplets are a major contributor to the […]

Boris Johnson risks collapse

Empty supermarket shelves, no garbage disposal, too few clinic staff: The Omikron wave is paralyzing more and more parts of Great Britain. Despite the chaos, Prime Minister Johnson is ruling out further corona measures. He is counted. Boris Johnson is steering Great Britain through the Corona crisis without a clear course, never before has the […]

The new B.1.640.2 variant is said to come from Cameroon

In France, Omikron is the dominant variant of the coronavirus. But there is now another mutant there: B.1.640.2. However, a virologist gives the all-clear for the time being. Scientists are busy with a possibly new corona variant. After a person returned from a trip to Cameroon, according to media reports, twelve people in southern France […]

Which rules apply to the new Omikron variant? – SWR news

After the holidays, a sharp increase in the number of corona cases is also expected in Baden-Württemberg. How do the regulations differ for the Omikron and Delta variants? The seven-day incidence is rising again, but the numbers could be deceiving – they could actually be twice or even three times higher, estimates Federal Health Minister […]