NBA Rumors: Julius Randle Trade Options

Something has broken in the relationship between the New York Knicks and Julius Randle. What a year ago was considered an unbeatable idyll with a long-term vision, now becomes an uncomfortable relationship for both parties, with neither openly seeking a way out, but knowing that they would be happy to separate their paths, according to […]

Knicks aggravate Miami Heat crisis; Hawks beat Warriors

In their third straight loss, the Miami Heat fell on Friday 111-103 to the New York Knicks with a disastrous last quarter while the Atlanta Hawks from Bring Young were imposed on the Golden State Warriors of an exceptional Klay Thompson. Two days after the fierce argument between the coach Erik Spoelstra and the star […]

New York Knicks apparently want to hold on to head coach Tom Thibodeau

The New York Knicks will reportedly retain head coach Tom Thibodeau beyond the current season. In view of the disappointing season, rumors have recently been circulating that the 64-year-old could be released in the summer. According to information from Jake Fischer (Bleacher Report) the Knicks want to go into the next season with Thibodeau. While […]

NBA: Ice-cold Dallas Mavericks lose to New York Knicks

The Dallas Mavericks suffered a painful defeat against feared opponents the New York Knicks. Jayson Tatum and Giannis Antetokounmpo are outstanding for their teams and the Phoenix Suns are already qualified for the playoffs after a convincing performance in the big game in Miami. Charlotte Hornets (32-35) – Boston Celtics (40-27) 101:115 (BOXSCORE) The Hornets […]

New York Knicks’ Kemba Walker ends season early

Kemba Walker from the New York Knicks will not be used again this season. This is what the franchise and the player agreed on. As Knicks President Leon Rose confirmed on Wednesday, Walker asked not to play again this season. “We support Kemba in his decision so that he can fully prepare for the coming […]

That’s why the New York Knicks are threatened with a big bang

The All-Star Game 2022 is history – high time for us to empty the mailbox again. We look at the trade additions that could have the biggest positive impact in the playoffs, dig into the Thibodeau Dilemma in New York, and celebrate the Grizzlies. After the All-Star weekend, the focus is slowly shifting back to […]

A fine for shorting tons. Kou, who baked the pie, pay $ 10,000

The situation occurred less than six minutes before the end of the race during the leadership of Nets 109: 103 and meant for the home team the loss of me and the counterpart of the soup. The day of these decisions was not affected. Pestoe from the counteraction did not fall, the reversal of the […]

NBA: Karl-Anthony Towns shocks the Knicks

Karl-Anthony Towns guided the Minnesota Timberwolves to a narrow win in New York. The Golden State Warriors, on the other hand, have no trouble with the Detroit Pistons, thanks in part to Klay Thompson’s best of the season. New York Knicks (22-23) – Minnesota Timberwolves (22-22) 110:112 (BOXSCORE) Emotional evening for Karl-Anthony Towns. The Minnesota […]