Police are looking for men after shots in front of a luxury hotel

Large-scale police operation in front of the noble “Four Seasons”: A dispute escalates, shots are fired. A man remains injured, several perpetrators flee. The police are looking for witnesses. A man was injured in a dispute in Hamburg’s Neustadt on Tuesday afternoon after apparently several shots. As a police spokeswoman confirmed to t-online, the police […]

African-American Eric Adams wins New York City Hall

He is only the second African-American mayor in the history of New York: the former police officer and anti-racist unionist Eric Adams won handily the mayor of the American megalopolis on Tuesday, an extraordinary journey for this child of one. poor family who had flirted with crime. • Read also: Eric Adams, ex-police officer, big […]

New York sees rise in child hospitalizations

The Omicron variant continues to spread in the United States, where health officials in New York are seeing an increase in the number of children hospitalized in connection with COVID-19, while the White House on Sunday promised to resolve the shortage quickly. of tests in the country. • Read also: LIVE | The latest developments […]

From January 1, 10 new cities will appear on the map of Poland: what is known

Starting from the new year, the number of cities in Poland will grow to 964. Some of the new ones will regain their long-lost status, and some will receive it for the first time. 10 Polish villages, most of which are located in the Mazovian Voivodeship, will receive the status of cities in 2022, informs […]

New York will pay 13.32 US cents per kw / hr for our electricity

Hydro-Quebec will sell its electricity to New York City at the average wholesale rate of 13.32 US cents per kw / h, or some 30 billion US dollars over 25 years. These are some of the contractual details – kept confidential until now – contained in the several hundred page documents released by New York […]