The parliament called the timing of the new tranche of the IMF

Photo: The next tranche of the IMF is expected in the first decade of October The condition for its receipt is the bill on amendments to the National Bank, amendments to the law on NABU and the draft budget for 2022. The People’s Deputy from the Servant of the People, the head of the […]

NABU will deal with the money of the “Big Construction”

Photo: Office of the President NABU will check the use of funds in the framework of the “Big Construction” The President previously announced the construction of about 1,000 facilities under the Big Construction program during 2021-2022. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) will inspect the use of public funds in the implementation of the presidential project […]

The case of People’s Deputy Yurchenko was sent to court

The deputy is suspected of taking bribes for using his legal powers. To expose the deputy, law enforcement officers carried out a special operation involving an undercover detective. The detective, who played the role of a representative of a foreign company, proposed to one of the members of the deputy’s group to promote a number […]

Deputy Mayor Nikolaev detained at the border with Hungary

Photo: NABU The official was detained at the Luzhanka-Beregshuran international checkpoint The deputy head of Nikolaev tried to leave the territory of Ukraine, the investigation suggests. Employees of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) exposed a corruption scheme, as a result of which the community of the […]

Results 06.08: New surge and control of income

Coronavirus incidence on the rise again in the world The Delta strain attacks. The number of new cases is on the rise worldwide; The authorities will be aware of all the income of domestic tax residents abroad. highlights the main events of yesterday. Coronavirus incidence on the rise again in the world In the […]

The head of the regional council of Kharkiv was handed a suspicion

Photo: NABU Delivery of suspicion to Tovmasyan Tovmasyan was handed a suspicion of a bribe extortion case. In the same case, his deputy was previously detained. Employees of anti-corruption bodies on Wednesday, August 4, handed a suspicion to the chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Artur Tovmasyan in the case of extortion of a bribe. […]

SBU agreed with NABU on Chaus – attorney

Photo: Still from video Nikolay Chaus is ready to tell everything at the trial, his lawyer claims The SBU officers came to an agreement with the representatives of NABU and handed over the fugitive judge without permission, according to the lawyer of Chaus. The lawyer of fugitive Ukrainian ex-judge Nikolai Chaus Rostislav Kravets met with […]

The deputy head of the Kharkiv regional council was caught on a bribe

Photo: Word and Deed The deputy head of the Kharkiv regional council was caught in a millionth bribe The malefactor, together with his accomplice, demanded a million dollar bribe from the head of the utility company to keep him at his post. The deputy head of the Kharkiv regional council and his accomplice were caught […]

Sytnik reacted to Chaus’s statements about a “real conflict of interest” / GORDON

NABU director’s statement published press service of the bureau on Facebook. On June 16, the Telegram channel “ChausUA Nikolay Chaus” published a video in which, presumably, the ex-judge talked about a “real conflict of interest” with Sytnik and claimed to have known him back in 2008. In 2016, Sytnik “took into account the political realities […]