Elon Musk is not satisfied with buying Twitter, he also wants to run it

R. Alonso Madrid Updated:05/06/2022 11:58h Save Related news If nothing goes wrong Elon Musk will become the owner of Twitter before the end of the present 2022. According to the American media ‘ CNBC‘, citing sources, the tycoon would also have planned to become the Executive Director of the social network for a limited time […]

Musk, on Twitter: “I’m going to buy Coca-Cola to put cocaine back”

Elon Musk has unleashed the new controversy on social networks just three days after having bought Twitter for a value of 44,000 million An hour later he tweeted again to ask users to make Twitter “as fun as possible” The eccentric billionaire thus begins to fulfill his wishes to “unlock” the social network Next I’m […]

Why does it smell like musk before a storm?

Peter Choker Updated:24/04/2022 03:06 hrs Save Related news We have all perceived on more than one occasion the typical smell caused by rain when it falls, especially after a long period of drought, despite the fact that rainwater itself has no smell. This characteristic, musky and fresh odor is known as ‘petricor’. Etymologically this word […]

Elon Musk Wants To Buy All Of Twitter’s Rp 618 Trillion Shares, Why? page all

KOMPAS.com – CEO TeslaElon Musk already bought stock Twitter. Not satisfied, now the richest man in the world intends to buy all shares of the microblogging platform. Elon Musk filed it offer through the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Musk gave an offer price per share of 54.20 US dollars (approximately Rp. 750,000). According […]

The new head of Twitter, Elon Musk, is introducing an edit button on the social network

Consumers hope the billionaire will lead a revolution against political censorship, want to return Trump’s account “Since Elon Musk is already the largest shareholder on Twitter, he must demand an end to political censorship, a comprehensive reform of the platform, and the restoration of the account of former President Donald Trump,” were some of the […]

What is Elon Musk looking for with the purchase of Twitter | International

Elon Muskone the richest person in the world, became this Monday the largest shareholder of Twitter, the company behind the eponymous social messaging network, after acquiring 9.2% of the company in an operation that prompted a close of green numbers on Wall Street. (Elon Musk became the majority shareholder of Twitter.) Twitter’s price on the […]

SpaceX ends production of Crew Dragon spaceships – oTechnice.cz

According to Reuters, SpaceX will stop production new ships Crew Dragon, right after completing the fourth (and therefore the last) of them. However, the private space company, owned by Elon Musk, said after the report said it would continue production components for spacecraft and that it retains i capacity to produce additional ships Crew Dragonif […]