Huge earthquakes have been spotted on Mars

NASA’s InSight landing unit on the red planet has detected the two largest and most distant earthquakes in its mission, writes The lander reached the surface in November 2018, with the most sensitive seismometer ever designed to travel on board. Since its arrival, the device has detected several earthquakes. Anna Horlestona seismologist at the […]

Video shows what an eclipse looks like when viewed from Mars

In the middle of the week, NASA uploaded a recording to its YouTube channel that captures an event that is well known to almost everyone, yet in this form is seen by only a few. The clip, which is less than a minute long, shows an eclipse – but not from Earth, but from Mars. […]

They photographed a huge car crash in space

A new image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows three merging galaxies, writes Live Science. Because of the amazing gravitational interactions, the systems transform each other dramatically. Similar collisions are quite common, and the Milky Way has experienced such an incident in the past. While the cosmic crash may seem devastating, it actually involves birth. […]

They photographed a huge starship in space

A group of three galaxies has been captured by a joint spacecraft from NASA and the European Space Agency, the Hubble Space Telescope. On the NASA side. NGC 7764A1, NGC 7764A2, and NGC 7764A3 are collectively referred to as NGC 7764A, a cluster about 425 million light-years from us in the constellation Phoenix. The most […]

A shocking thing can hide under the moon of Saturn

Scientists have found convincing evidence that Saturn’s dead moon hides an ocean beneath its surface, helping to explore possible life in our solar system. Researchers say a so-called “stealthy ocean world” can lurk beneath the surface of Saturn’s smallest, innermost moon, NASA’s Cassini probe, which has detected strange fluctuations in the moon’s rotation. According to […]

Huge asteroids are coming next week

An asteroid 1 kilometer wide will pass Earth at dawn on January 19, writes CNN. The object will be astronomically close, 1.9 million kilometers away. The 1994 celestial body PC1 was discovered in 1994. According to calculations, the asteroid will not get any closer in the next 200 years. The object will probably not be […]

They observed the death of a red super giant in real time

For the first time in real time, astronomers ending in a red super-giant explosion were observed: a huge star collapsed at the end of its rapid self-destruction and became a type II supernova. Using two telescopes in Hawaii, a group of experts conducted research on young supernovae (Young Supernova Experiment – YSE). In doing so, […]

The situation is tense around NASA’s James Webb space telescope

Literally. On Monday (January 3), James Webb Space Telescope controllers began stretching the telescope’s huge awning, a tennis court-sized, five-layer shield designed to keep the $ 10 billion observatory cool, as if its engines get too hot, the crash could easily be defeated. . This task is the final step in unpacking Webb’s day shelter […]

Almaci gives nuclear power plants only a 1% chance: ‘The patient has died’

According to Groen chairman Meyrem Almaci, the agreement reached within the government on nuclear energy means that there is a ’99 percent’ chance that a decision will be made in March to close the nuclear power plants permanently. Extending the lifespan ‘is not a plan B, but a plan Z’. That is what Almaci says […]