Criticized by Espargaro, Marc . ignored

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Appearance Alex Marquez from MotoGP Portugal 2022 resulted in a reaction from the two rivals, including the older brother Marc Marquez. Alex finished seventh in MotoGP Portugal 2022. Best result so far in the 2022 MotoGP racing season. Despite achieving the best performance this season, Alex actually received a negative response […]

2 races 5 times Espargaro was hit by Marquez

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Aleix Espargaro hit five times Alex Marquez in two races this season is over MotoGP Portugal 2022 at the Algarve Circuit, last weekend. Aleix Espargaro’s commotion with Alex Marquez this season has not ended. After the incident at the Mandalika MotoGP at the Mandalika Circuit in March, the bickering continued in […]

Yesterday Marc Marquez, Now Alex Rins

Jakarta – Never give up until the end, that’s what two riders do MotoGP that is Marc Marquez and Alex Rins. Start the race from a position far behind and then dash forward! Alex Rins steal the show in MotoGP Portugal on Sunday (24/4) evening WIB. Rider Suzuki, who again performed brilliantly by securing the […]

Rossi’s comeback in MotoGP Portugal failed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Valentino Rossi back to the paddock in the event MotoGP Portugal 2022but the presence of The Doctor could not lift the performance of the Mooney VR46 team. Rossi was seen visiting his team’s paddock on Saturday, as the riders underwent a free practice session until qualifying. Rossi’s presence, which was caught […]

Crazy Marquez, Hit Me 3 Times

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Aprilia racer Aleix Espargaro consider Alex Marquez crazy after reaching the third podium MotoGP Portugal 2022 at the Portimao Circuit, Sunday (24/4). Espargaro expressed his frustration with Marquez after the MotoGP Portugal 2022 race. The 32-year-old thought that Marc Marquez’s younger brother made him lose a lot of time at the […]

Viral Rara Rain handler ‘Needed’ in MotoGP Portugal

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The name Raden Roro Istiati Wulandari alias Rara the rain handler is carried around before MotoGP Portugal 2022Sunday (24/4). Rara was once in the world’s spotlight because of her action as a rain handler at the 2022 Mandalika MotoGP. Her name was then discussed again because of the uncertain weather in […]

Similar to Mandalika, Marquez Accident Highside in MotoGP Portugal

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Marc Marquez had an accident in MotoGP Portugal 2022 similar to what has been experienced in the network MotoGP Mandalika. Marquez, who became the fastest racer in the first free practice (FP1) of the Portuguese MotoGP, tried to race his motorbike to catch up with the time records of several racers […]

Bagnaia Touches Mandalika Ahead of MotoGP Portugal 2022 – racer Ducati Lenovo, Francesco Bagnaia, had mentioned the race in Indonesia ahead of the MotoGP Portugal 2022. MotoGP Portugal is the fifth race of the World Championship MotoGP 2022 which will be held at the Algarve International Circuit on Sunday (24/4/2022). Bagnaia alluded to the race at the Mandalika Circuit because the Algarve […]

2021 MotoGP standings after Bagnaia won at MotoGP Algarve

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ducati Racers, Francesco Bagnaia managed to lock the second position in the drivers standings after coming out as champion MotoGP Algarve Portugal 2021 at the Algarve International Circuit, Sunday (7/11) night WIB. Bagnaia only lost first place at the start of the race. After that, the Italian racer was unstoppable after […]

Joan Mir about her touch with Marc Marquez

Portimao – A minor incident involved Joan Mir with Marc Marquez of MotoGP Portugal. Mir admitted that he had to be aggressive because he started from behind. World champion MotoGP 2020 started the race at Portimao from ninth position, while Marquez was three grids ahead of him. After the green light flashed, the two riders […]