5 Aromatherapy Mosquitoes Hate the Most, Use it to Repel Mosquitoes Safely, Come on!

pixabay/pixel2013 Lavender flower is one of the aromatherapy that mosquitoes dislike the most. Bobo.id – Friends, their sleep is often disturbed when they hear the sound mosquito. Mosquitoes like to buzz near our ears, making us uncomfortable. Especially if the mosquito has bitten, mosquito bites which is itchy and very annoying. To repel mosquitoes, many […]

DHF Cases in Tangerang Regency Drop

Tangerang: The Tangerang District Health Office (Dinkes) recorded 350 cases of spreading dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in the period January-October 2021. The spread of the disease tends to decrease, when compared to the previous year which reached more than 1,000 cases. “This year’s DHF cases have decreased compared to the previous year, which could reach […]

Eight People in Ghana Died Presumably From Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a viral disease that is spread through mosquito bites. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, ACCRA – At least eight people in the Savannah Area in Ghana The north died from a suspected yellow fever infection, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) said on Friday evening. GHS said that the victims, who were all nomads in the region, […]

Prevent Dengue Fever Infection, Try These Protective Steps!

Suara.com – Dengue fever is a contagious disease that usually appears and increases during winter. This disease is caused by the dengue virus which originates from mosquito bites aedes aegypti. Unfortunately reported from Times of India, we have a hard time distinguishing bites mosquito and mosquito bites that can cause dengue fever. Therefore, you need […]

Recent Studies in Controlling Mosquito Populations that Cause DHF

Jakarta: Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a dangerous disease if it is late to get treatment. Usually, this disease will occur a lot in the rainy season or the transition season. DHF is transmitted through the bite of the female Aedes aegypti mosquito. For this reason, it is very important to control the mosquito population. […]

Are you a mosquito victim? That’s why you get stung more often!

Updated: 08/21/2021 – 12:28 PM More often and more violent mosquito bites Are you a mosquito victim? Why are some people more likely to get bitten by mosquitoes? Why are some people more likely to get bitten by mosquitoes? Mosquitos are particularly common for some people. But why is that actually the case? show description […]

Symptoms & tips to combat

It flies silently and then bites: the black mosquito. It is only three to four millimeters in size and at first glance it looks like a harmless fly. However, their toxic saliva causes swelling and severe itching. Black mosquitoes like to crawl under the clothing of walkers. They are particularly active on flowing waters. If […]

Myths about corona virus: can the virus be transmitted by mosquitoes? – Knowledge

According to the WHO, there is no corona risk from mosquitoes Photo: sun ok / Shutterstock.com When temperatures rise, insects also come back and mix “with the people”. Now many are wondering: can insects – especially mosquitoes – actually transmit the corona virus to humans? The WHO clarifies. Incorrect messages and information about the corona […]

Global health: Coronavirus does not transmit mosquito bites or touch money

As the Corona virus continues to spread in China and the countries that announced it, the series of rumors linked to the virus continues, whether in terms of how it is infected or ways to prevent and protect from infection, all the way to killing the virus, despite the fact that no international body or […]