Murad’s surprising words: Monika is probably not surprised!

While Monika Bagárová in his statement on the breakup with the MMA wrestler Makhmudem Muradovem stated that the couple suffered from many problems incompatible with building another common future, Mach did not seem to be able to face the break-up of the union with the beautiful singer! Sports Christmas: How is Muradov, Plíšková and Němeček […]

Star Exchange: Bendig shocks surrogate family. Bagárová also appears

In Wednesday’s VIP Exchange of Wives, the singer Jan Bendig will find himself in a family of five, which he will get. The surrogate wife, on the other hand, will be at home with Honza’s friend and their dogs. In addition, another star guest will appear in the Exchange! In the new episode, the audience […]

Bagarova and Mach are back from a luxury holiday, the way to…

Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov Source: Profimedia Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov are in love again after the crisis, as at the beginning of their relationship. The singer announced the breakup last Christmas, but did not last long without her partner. The MMA wrestler came up with a reconciliation trip for his family, for which […]

Reconciliation with Bagárová cost Muradov a lot: V…

Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov Source: Profimedia Makhmud Muradov and Monika Bagárová are currently gluing their relationship to a romantic holiday in Dubai. The MMA wrestler takes the reconciliation very seriously and spends quite a lot of money on his experiences with his partner. Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov announced their breakup last Christmas, but […]

Nothing will divide them anymore. Bagar showed evidence of love for Muradov

He is again one of the most in love couples in Czech show business. Monika Bagárová and Machmud Muradov and their daughter Ruminka are enjoying a sunny holiday in the United Arab Emirates. A month ago, it seemed that the love between them was definitely ringing. The bond between them is stronger again than the […]

All the same! Muradov left Bagarova again

Towards the end of last year, singer Monika Bagárová announced what most had already expected. She admitted to breaking up with Makhmud, and it seemed definitive. But hope dies last, so it didn’t take long for the relationship to be re-established. Paradoxically, after the breakup, Makhmud began to appear more and more often in Monika […]

Monika Bagárová confirmed her return to Mach: In order for the relationship

Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov Source: Profimedia Although the two were long silent about returning to each other and defending their time together by working together only because of their daughter, they eventually went out with the truth. Singer Monika Bagárová confirmed on the social network after pressure from fans that she and Makhmud Muradov […]

Monika bagarova confirmed the return to Muradov. They made an agreement together

It’s official. Monika bagarova stopped mumbling and announced that she and MMA fighter Makhmud Muradov are again a couple. Not even two months have passed since the breakup. The singer and juror of the superstar revealed that they have an agreement with Mach, thanks to which they should no longer get into trouble. Monika bagarova […]

Bagarova scares the fans: I’m not sad, just …

Monika Bagárová after a short break, when she was rather inactive on social networks, she boasted about her photo. Instead of praise, but it was more of a concern. According to some fans, she has sad eyes and is obviously broken. Muradov laughed at Bagarova: Before filming with Kraus, she wrote to me for luck […]

Monika Bagárová after breaking up with Mach: She seems satisfied and

For many months, singer Monika Bagárová tried to dispel speculation that her relationship with MMA wrestler Makhmud Muradov was falling apart. The day after Christmas, she finally admitted that she did not form a couple with her daughter Ruminka’s father. It was clear from her words that she was devastated by the breakup. But today […]