Bread can hit 5 leva price

Zero indirect tax on bread alone will lead to losses of about BGN 100 million. Every Monday, the raw materials for the production of bakery products are at new prices. These are the observations of bakers for the last few months “Everything has been going up for 7-8 months. No one can say how much […]

Russia: Death, wounding, desertion – the soldiers are slowly going out

lPV). „Ble nhlelulpekeu Glotle plup pepel, ple Guullutte epel Ielte pel Pleelpaleuee lu Ipekelulklv enleehenaevluueu, ueekpeO ple ep pekuu ​​lu peu Gptepleu Glev nup PekvluOvl aeleu kepeu.“ Bnppleupeke epk pelLleeelek velpuu-Pekuu ple plek aeue plp klulel ple 6leuee enleehelekeu velpeu upel up Bnppteup pull Uulenpoupllluueu ent nhlelulpekel Pelle ketleu vltt. Bnppteup elekl pelue Glotle lO […]

Turkish cargo ship sinks near Mariupol after shelling

PHOTO: STATE BORDER SERVICE OF UKRAINE The Bulgarian ship “Tsarevna” is located in the area. A Turkish civilian ship sank in the port of Mariupol after it was fired at with rockets on Monday night, Ukrainskaya Pravda reported. This is confirmed by Kyiv and the authorities in Donetsk. The injured ship is Turkish, but operates […]

Rila Highway will connect us with Northern Macedonia

Photo Archive An interactive map shows that by 2030 the Black Sea will be built between Varna and Burgas An interactive map released by the regional ministry on Monday shows that the idea of ​​building the Rila highway is being revived. It will start from “Trakia” near Ihtiman, will pass through Samokov, Dupnitsa and Kyustendil […]

Curfew time changed in Kyiv

Photo: Telegram / Vitaliy Klitschko Curfew action – from 21:00 to 6:00 The curfew from Monday, March 28, will start an hour later and end an hour earlier. In Kyiv and the Kiev region, the curfew time is changing. The changes come into effect on Monday, March 28. About it informed capital mayor Vitali Klitschko. […]

KAI Travel Fair, Discount Train Tickets up to 60 Percent, To Malang Only IDR 75,000

JAKARTA, – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) held the KAI Access Online Travel Fair Program which provided tens of thousands of tickets to various destinations with special discounts. “We present the KAI Access Online Travel Fair to give appreciation to customers and to introduce the KAI Access application to the public,” said VP Public […]