What will happen if Finland and Sweden join NATO?

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson with Finnish counterpart Sana Marin PHOTO: Reuters If Finland joins NATO, the Alliance’s border with Russia will double. On the other hand, NATO will be able to rely on one of the largest and most modern armies in Europe, he wrote Deutsche Welle. Currently, the land border between NATO and […]

Ssa reports more than 35 thousand cases of reactions to covid vaccines

The Ministry of Health reported that, from December 24, 2020, when the vaccination campaign against covid-19 started, and until the cutoff of March 4, 202235 thousand 879 Events Supposedly Attributable to Vaccination and Immunization (ESAVI) have been identified, of which, 34 thousand 844 (97.12 percent) were Not Serious and one thousand 35 (2.88 percent) were […]

Latest! Researchers Reveal Sinovac Vaccine Biggest ‘Weakness’

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Each vaccine has its own advantages and disadvantages. In a recent study conducted in Singapore, a team consisting of infectious disease experts from the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) discovered new facts in research on the Sinovac vaccine. As a result, people who took […]

Opinion | Fernando Cabanillas: why we should take the fourth dose

In order to protect the most vulnerable population, the FDA authorized a fourth dose, equivalent to a second booster of the vaccine against the COVID for all adults age 50 and over. Why? The agency’s decision was made as the more contagious omicron subvariant BA.2 is sweeping Europe. It is feared that BA.2 could do […]

Pfizer and Moderna: They Do Not Necessarily Generate Myocarditis and Pericarditis According to ISP Definition | National

After the document “Serious ESAVI: Myocarditis and/or Pericarditis” was published in the Official Gazette, several publications on social networks questioned the efficacy of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. This, since cases of these diseases have been detected after immunization with vaccines that use the mRNA platform. However, according to the ISP definition, there is not necessarily […]