23 wounded in the metro, the shooter still at large

At least 23 people were injured, including 10 by gunshot, after a shooting Tuesday morning in the New York subway. So far, no investigation “for terrorist act” has not been opened. At least 23 people were injured after gunfire on Tuesday morning April 12 at a New York subway station in Brooklyn, several local media […]

Saudi Arabia Bans Citizens from Visiting Indonesia Due to Corona Reaping Question Marks

Jakarta – Inhabitant Saudi Arabia banned by the government from visiting Indonesia because of the COVID-19 case. This certainly raises a question mark considering the Corona case in the country has been sloping. Apart from Indonesia, citizens of Saudi Arabia are prohibited from entering Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic […]

The United States and Japan want to send a first Japanese astronaut to the Moon

A Japanese astronaut will join NASA’s Artemis program to relaunch manned flights to the Moon. Joe Biden said he was “excited” about this space collaboration. The United States and Japan said on Monday May 23 that they intended to send a first Japanese astronaut to the Moon, but without setting a timetable, an announcement symbolizing […]

Biden says US would help defend Taiwan from Chinese invasion

The American president met on Monday with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to discuss the joint attitude of China and Russia, and establish surveillance of Chinese naval activity. US President Joe Biden warned Monday May 23 in Tokyo that the United States would militarily defend Taiwan if Beijing invaded the self-governing island, warning that China […]

US and South Korea offer help to North Korea

Visiting Seoul, Joe Biden said he offered vaccines to Pyongyang but “got no response”. At a bilateral summit in Seoul, the United States and South Korea on Saturday offered help to North Korea to fight the Covid-19 epidemic as the country, which has still not reopened its borders since January 2020, claims to be experiencing […]

Joe Biden in Asia to counter China

STORY – The American president is implementing his Asian pivot, his new priority in foreign policy. Correspondent in Asia Asia, finally, for Joe Biden. The American president begins his first tour of the region in Seoul this Friday, with his eyes fixed on China, returning to the strategic priority of his Administration, after months monopolized […]