THE CAGE FALLS! Bohdalová has no words: Don’t be angry, I…

The police have been dealing with this case for a long time, it is about manipulating the orders of the Radioactive Waste Repositories Administration. According to the site, the News List is Focko in custody since Tuesday, because according to the police, he was supposed to be the head of the whole group. This is […]

March prefers credit – March

Because of rising interest rates. The municipality of March will bring forward a borrowing of 2.2 million euros provided for in the budget. This is intended to prevent high interest rates from becoming due if money is only raised on the capital market at a later point in time. Borrowing of up to 2.2 million […]

Euromillions. Jess and Joe weren’t rolling in gold, they take home £184m

So far faced with the difficulties of the cost of living, Joe and Jess Thwaite can finally dream after winning more than 184 million pounds (about 216 million euros), the largest Euromillions prize pool in the United Kingdom, and decided to come out of anonymity. The couple in their 40s from the South West of […]

Legacy after actor Josef Abrhám († 82): He rewrote millions to his son!

According to the Aha! se Abrham also before his death he dealt with his older sister Božena alias Boca Abrhámová (87). Years ago, the translator and editor, together with her brother, owned one third and later one fifth of the so-called Abrham’s brickyard in Kunovice (she had a total of five owners at the time […]

Iconic portrait of American actress sells for record price of $195 million

An iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol has become the most expensive 20th-century work of art ever sold. Getty Images It was sold at a Christie’s auction in New York for $195 million. Warhol painted the picture Shot Sage Blue Marilyn in 1964 using a famous photograph as inspiration. It is also the […]

The concert with the Principality increases to nine million

The center has been improving its facilities progressively. / LADYBUG The growth of 10.95% of the budget will allow it to face the new services and increase its activity in all areas The agreement that links the Avilés Hospital Foundation with the Health Service of the Principality of Asturias includes an increase of 10.95% this […]

Fortnite has raised 50 million dollars that will go to Ukraine

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been on everyone’s lips for several weeks. So much so that many companies have decided to help Ukraine to alleviate the consequences of the invasion. In this case, Fortnite has proposed donating everything raised on March 20 to the cause. This has been shared on the official Twitter […]