Food shortage, revolts, suicides: Tension is rising in Shanghai

For two weeks, Shanghai and its 25 million inhabitants have been under strict confinement. In question, the worst viral contagion that the country has known since the start of the epidemic with tens of thousands of daily cases. China has adopted the choice of zero covid on its territory, unlike many countries which have opted […]

Gottová, Kolář and Csáková together again after years: Meeting…

Ivana Gottová and Ilona Csáková Zdroj: Profimedia Gone are the days when Ivana Gottová, Ilona Csáková and Petr Kolář met behind the scenes of the theater. Even after years, however, they did not betray their friendship, and when they met again by chance, they did not hesitate for a moment and captured the pleasant moment […]

With loud applause, parliament sent specialized justice into history

Thank you for your support, said Nadezhda Yordanova As of April 1, 30 Bulgarian citizens had been in Bulgarian detention facilities for more than six months without charge With loud applause, the National Assembly closed the specialized justice. The debate lasted more than 10 hours. It started at 9 am and ended shortly after 7 […]

The pilot suffers from two broken ribs

According to information collected on the spot following the violent accident of Meddy Gerville, the pilot and singer was evacuated and transported to the hospital. He suffers from two broken ribs. By Baradi Siva – Published on Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 09:38

Vigilance heavy rain over the East and North-East this evening

A degradation approached the island at the end of the day from the East and brought us rains in a steady flow from East to South-East. As the hours go by, these sometimes stormy rains intensify and can give significant accumulations, especially in the East and South-East regions during the night. This rainy-stormy situation lasted […]

How Elena Guncheva became Putin’s enemy

Vazrazhdane MP Elena Guncheva faces between 5 and 15 years in prison if it is established that she has committed a crime against the republic. But who is she? In the 47th National Assembly, she is one of the new deputies that the audience remembered the fastest. Not only because of her scraping P, the […]