The Ministry of Health explained when doctors will receive 20 thousand

When doctors will receive from 20 thousand hryvnia – Ministry of Health Higher salaries will be received by all physicians working with the medical guarantees program. From January 1, 2022, the salaries of doctors will increase to 13.5 thousand hryvnia for nurses and 20 thousand hryvnia – for doctors. About it stated Head of the […]

In Israel, thousands of doctors quit because of 26-hour shifts

Photo: More than 2,500 doctors quit in protest in Israel Doctors sent a letter to the minister stating that “exhausted” doctors should not work in hospitals. More than 2,500 interns in Israel have resigned in protest against the 26-hour shift. About it informs The Times of Israel on Friday 8 October. The letter to […]

Doctors reported on the condition of the driver Shefir

Photo: The driver was injured in the legs The driver, who was wounded in the attempted assassination, was taken by ambulance to Feofania, nothing threatens his life. The life of the driver of the presidential aide Sergei Shefir, who was wounded in the shelling of a car on Wednesday, September 22, is not in […]

Shocking revelations about the emergency hospitalization of Mityo Ochite

Once again, the lucky star under whom Dimitar Zhelyazkov-Ochite was born on September 19, 1972, saved him from certain death – this time after an inhuman overdose of anabolic drugs and subsequent relief of tension with the heaviest sedative – diazepam. gathered information about the reasons why at around 6 pm on Friday the […]

In Chernihiv region, two people were electrocuted in the lake – media

Photo: Gorod24 Men went unnaturally fast to the bottom Doctors revived both drowned people for about an hour, but to no avail – they pronounced death on the spot. In one of the tourist and hotel complexes in the Chernihiv region, two people drowned in a lake where electric shocks were observed. About this on […]