Ovechkin catches up with Draisaitl on goals and points

Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals scored his 26th goal of the season in Sunday’s 4-2 home loss to the Vancouver Canucks. This put him at the top of the NHL top scorer list and the league-wide scorer rating (54 points). Leon Draisitl from the Edmonton Oilers. Ovechkin was responsible for the 1-0 and also […]

EU countries ban colored tattoos

Photo: master-tatuirovki.ru EU bans colored tattoos The list of prohibited pigments included Blue 15 and Green 7, which are part of most tattoo inks. In the European Union, a ban on the use of colored pigments for tattoos came into force on January 4 due to dangerous chemicals contained in tattoo inks. This is reported […]

Britain abandons additional quarantine measures

The British authorities abandoned the idea of ​​introducing stricter quarantine restrictions due to the Omicron coronavirus strain. This was announced on Monday, January 3, by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, writes Sky News. According to Johnson, the Omicron coronavirus strain is more tolerated than other strains, and this makes it possible not to impose stricter restrictions […]

More than 250 violations of “silence” per day – OSCE

Photo: 112 Ukraine OSCE mission recorded over 250 violations of “silence” in a day Most cases of ceasefire violations were recorded by observers in areas north of Shyrokyne in the Donetsk region. The OSCE SMM recorded 253 ceasefire violations. Of these, 127 cases were detected in the Donetsk region and 126 in the Luhansk region. […]

Media: Democrats win Senatorial election in Georgia | Currently America | DW

The race for the two senatorial posts of the state of Georgia has apparently been decided: According to media reports, the Democrat Jon Ossoff captured the seat of the previous Republican incumbent David Perdue. This forecast has now been confirmed by the broadcasters NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN. Raphael Warnock had previously been declared the […]

Israel launched air attack on Syrian targets – media

Syria announces new Israeli air attack Syrian air defense units repulsed the attack and shot down most of the missiles. As a result of the aggression, two soldiers were wounded. Israel fired several missiles at targets in Syria. This is reported by the Syrian news agency TO YOU. “At approximately 19.16, November 8, Israel launched […]

Hungarian opposition names Orban’s rival in elections

Photo: DPA Peter Marky-Zai attracts a wide variety of voters in Hungary Peter Marki-Zai is a conservative, Catholic and father of seven. The majority voted for him in the primaries. In Hungary, six opposition parties have nominated a single candidate for future parliamentary elections. The non-partisan conservative Peter Marki-Zai won 57% of the vote in […]

Poland’s dilemma: stay or leave the EU

Most Poles are supporters of the EU. But the ruling party is pursuing a policy that could lead Poland to leave the European Union. Donald Tusk is trying to prevent this by uniting the opposition. Poles, who for centuries have been a link between East and West, a nation that admires Europe … For the […]

Confcommercio, fears for rates and prices hold back families and businesses – Economy

Uncertainty is still holding back the recovery, with households and businesses fearing tax and price increases. This is what emerges from a Confcommercio survey, in collaboration with Metrica Ricerche, on the sentiment of households and businesses in the last months of 2021.From now to the end of the year, businesses are more optimistic (42.7%) than […]