Fell out of a burning apartment: a man died in a fire in Kiev

Photo: GSChS The fire was extinguished by 13 rescuers An apartment on the seventh floor of a nine-story building caught fire. One of the rooms in the apartment was completely burnt out. An apartment in a multi-storey building burned at night in Kiev. The body of a man was found near the building, who had […]

In Germany, a truck crashed into a US military convoy

Photo: Bild The truck flew into the military column Two cars caught fire, the American military suffered – they were hospitalized with smoke poisoning and injuries. In Germany, a truck with sawdust crashed into a US military column. It is reported by image on Monday, December 20th. The incident took place on the A3 highway […]

Explosions thundered at a rocket fuel plant in Serbia

Photo: Twitter / Milenkovic The explosions sounded at about two o’clock in the afternoon As a result of the explosions at the plant near Belgrade, there are people killed and wounded. Parked cars also caught fire. In Serbia, several violent explosions took place at a rocket fuel plant. According to preliminary data, two people were […]

Russian tundra caught fire in 15-degree frost

Photo: Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation 12 people and four pieces of equipment are fighting the fire Dry grass caught fire near the village of Raduzhny. The surrounding water bodies are frozen and cannot be used for extinguishing. In the Magadan region of Russia, 15 kilometers from the village of Arman, at […]

Plane crashed in Texas

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org McDonnell Douglas MD-87 The plane crashed, catching fire immediately after takeoff. As a result of the incident, two people were injured. In the US state of Texas, a plane crashed with 21 people on board. The aircraft crashed into a field in Waller County, west of Houston. About it informs ABC broadcaster with […]