The best disability tariffs in the Infinma judgment

May 3, 2022 – The market standards defined by Infinma in disability insurance are (over) met by 16 tariffs offered in Germany by eight providers. The leading group includes Continentale, Credit Life, Dialog, Europa, Hannoversche, Metallrente, Volkswohl Bund and Zurich Deutscher Herold. ADVERTISING Die Infinma Institute for Financial Market Analysis GmbH has re-examined which tariffs […]

How to take out insurance? – Subway Ecuador

Unforeseen events such as illness, accident, natural disaster or theft can happen at any time. People can take a number of precautions to prevent some of these things from happening. They can eat healthily and exercise to avoid getting sick, drive carefully to avoid traffic accidents and always maintain adequate security to avoid being victims […]

How to deduct insurance on the income statement

The income campaign has been underway since last April 6, the doubt continues to exist year after year: Can home and life insurance be included in the tax return? And, if so, how much do they deduct? Insurance expenses can be deducted in the income statement, but only if a series of requirements are met. […]

Understand the Different Types of Life Insurance to Make the Right Choice The Covid-19 pandemic has made people aware of the importance of benefits insurance. Many of them experienced the impact of the pandemic firsthand and felt the various risks. At this time, awareness of the benefits of insurance, including life insuranceis increasing. Insurance soul is one of the protections aimed at providing financial protection for […]

The Most Profitable Liability Insurers – VersicherungsJournal Deutschland

January 14, 2022 – Eleven market participants achieved combined ratios of less than 75 percent in 2020. The most profitable was the Cosmos, which spent just 36 percent of revenue on claims and costs. The Volkswohl Bund and the Mecklenburgische have improved particularly strongly. This can be found in the “Industry Monitor 2015-2020: Liability Insurance” […]

2022 “definitely” more corporate insolvencies

January 11, 2022 – 2021 brought another decline in corporate insolvencies. This trend is now likely to have come to an end. Since the third and especially the fourth quarter, Creditreform has registered a “normalization” of insolvency events. In the credit and insurance sector, 70 bankruptcies were counted, and the insolvency rate in the sector […]

how to navigate the jungle of green labels?

DECRYPTION – Since January 1, insurers must offer at least one fund stamped green, responsible or solidarity. Savers fond of life insurance have the good surprise of being offered greener, more responsible and more united financial products since the 1is January. Insurers are now required to offer their clients with multi-support contracts at least one […]

MACSF’s euro fund performance improves strongly in 2021

Surprise on the side of the French health insurance mutual (MACSF). While the trend looks to stagnate yields, the mutual unveiled a 2021 rate of return sharply rising to 2.10%, more than 35% higher than its 2020 rate (1.55%). The rate will apply on Res and Res Multisupport contracts. The mutual company explains this excellent […]