Freedom of religion vs. LGBTQ rights in the US Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States announced on Tuesday February 22 that it would examine the complaint filed by a designer of websites claiming her Christian faith and who, as such, refuses to provide her services to homosexual couples when they marry . Read also“Morally correct is the new religion of the modern world” […]

Regina Blandón explodes against a woman who attacked a couple of girls

Regina Blandón is known for being a great ally of the LGBTI+ community. She has been applauded for her great skill in using inclusive language and for accepting, including, and defending the rights of community members regardless of their sexual preferences or how they identify. The actress reacted to a video that went viral where […]

US Navy named ship after gay rights activist

Photo: The 227m John Lewis-class ship will be christened USNS Harvey Milk on Saturday, November 6 Harvey Milk became the first openly gay politician in the United States to win a public election. The US Navy tanker is named after gay rights activist Harvey Milk, who was killed about 40 years ago. This is […]

For the first time in the United States issued a passport with gender “X”

Flags of the USA and LGBT community Starting next year, such passports will be issued to all comers and without the previously required medical certificate. For the first time, the US government issued a passport with a gender “X”. This is stated in the statement of the official representative of the US State Department Ned […]

Results 12.09: Switch to the Latin alphabet and the death of a judge

Photo: NSDC Oleksiy Danilov spoke in favor of the romanization of Ukrainians The head of the NSDC suggested that Ukrainians switch from Cyrillic to Latin; near Kiev, a judge of the Pechersk court was found dead. highlights the main events of yesterday. Danilov said that Ukraine should switch to the Latin alphabet NSDC Secretary […]

Kharkiv Pride Equality March was held in Kharkiv

Фото: Telegram/Klymenko Time The march passed without incident The KharkivPride participants were surrounded by police officers and national guards, they were also accompanied by police cars, not allowing them to break through the cordon. In Kharkiv, the KharkivPride equality march took place, which gathered, according to preliminary estimates, about two thousand participants. The march was […]

Thousands of people protest against LGBT law in Budapest

Thousands of people protested in Budapest over LGBT law In Hungary, in early July, a law came into force prohibiting “propaganda of homosexuality” in schools. In Budapest, Hungary, thousands of people took part in an LGBT pride to protest a law prohibiting the dissemination of information about homosexuality or gender reassignment in schools. About it […]

LGBT Discrimination: EU Launches Procedure Against Hungary and Poland

Photo: EU launches procedure against Hungary and Poland for discrimination against LGBT people In Hungary, a new law prohibits “propaganda of homosexuality” among children, and Poland has ignored the EC’s remarks about “LGBT-free zones.” The European Commission has launched a procedure against Hungary and Poland due to discriminatory measures against LGBT people. This was […]

Rihanna posted “hot” photos in rainbow lingerie

Photo: Rihanna The performer decided to support the LGBT community with spicy pictures in the kit of her own brand. Singer and fashion designer Rihanna posted on Instagram a series of shots in lingerie from her own brand, Savage x Fenty, expressing her support for the LGBT community. So, the 33-year-old celebrity posed on […]

New York celebrates LGTBI + pride in a virtual way – Noticieros Televisa

New York celebrates his day of LGTBI + pride this Sunday, June 27, 2021, with an eminently official event virtual, but thousands of people took to the streets to claim the rights of this community in an alternative march and also have fun, taking advantage of the recent end of the restrictions against the COVID-19. […]