Antitrust: free energy market fines for over 4 million – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 16 – Maxi fine for a total of over 4 million euros by the Antitrust to four companies operating in the free energy market. According to what was published in the weekly bulletin, Ajò Energia (148,000 euros), Bluenergy (2 million euros), Ubroker (1,880,000 euros) and Visitel (100,000 euros) were sanctioned for […]

Gary Oldman is thinking of retiring from acting soon

Everything has a beginning and an end, although many people do not like to think about that. Even in the world of cinema, the biggest stars who seem to have potential for life with different characters in different projects cannot stay forever, although their legacy lives on as long as their films continue to be […]

Dragomir Zakov: It’s time for unpopular decisions in the army (Video)

Among the ministry’s priorities will be to buy a diesel submarine, the minister announced We have an acute shortage of articles, Zakov is motivated by the fact that we do not send military aid to Ukraine It is time to make state decisions. They are not always popular, they can not always win votes, but […]

Bad news. Jaroslav Falta, a Czech motocrosser of the century, died

“Yesterday, after ten o’clock in the evening, Jarda died. It was sudden, it allegedly hit the heart,” said family friend and Falt’s manager Jiří Hejtík. Falta, a native of Rumburk, made his debut on the international motocross scene at the age of 17. Between 1971 and 1982, he placed in the top ten eight times […]

Europe’s less dependence on Asia: Intel to build chip plant in Germany

The American company Intel will build a microchip plant in the German city of Magdeburg for 17 billion euros (more than 422 billion CZK). The company announced its selection at an online press conference on Tuesday. It intends to invest up to 80 billion euros in Europe within ten years, especially in Germany, news agencies […]

Andrey Delchev: Fuel prices have risen by between 10 and 15 stotinki, not 30-40

Andrey Delchev, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association STAFF: BNT Fuel price tensions are the result of people’s expectations that sanctions imposed by the EU and the United States on Russia will stop the supply of crude oil to Neftochim-Burgas, hence the refinery will stop and there will be market shortages. He […]

Lukoil: There is enough fuel, do not stock up

There is enough fuel, the bases are full, the oil supplies have not been stopped and the refinery in Burgas is working at full capacity. This was announced by Lukoil Bulgaria for 24 Chasa. Earlier, queues formed in front of gas stations across the country due to rumors that there will be a shortage. There […]