Allegedly Toyota Innova Hybrid, Camera Seen Again Road Test All

JAKARTA, – Circulating on social media images of a new car being tested in Thailand. The photo was uploaded by a Facebook account named Natthaphon Matsarat. Even though this car is still covered with camouflage stickers all over its body, it is suspected that this is Toyota Innova latest generation. When viewed from the […]

Instead of For Sale, Many Old Innova Deer Owners Upgrade Their Bodies

JAKARTA, – Toyota Kijang Innova be one car family that is in great demand by automotive consumers. No wonder in some workshops modification provides many Kijang Innova accessories for its consumers. One of the modifications often made by Kijang Innova owners is to upgrade the body, such as from the old Kijang Innova from […]

So for thought, this used Kijang Innova is a buyer’s favorite – Talking about used cars especially for family cars, Kijang Innova of course coming in is an interesting option. In addition, the name Deer has also been attached and is often relied on for family needs. That’s why used units are also being hunted by consumers. For your information, the Toyota Innova offered in […]

Innova Matik owners must understand, this is the cause of difficult reverse gear operation – Automatic transmission can experience several problems, one of which is also experienced by Toyota Kijang Innova. “Toyota Kijang Innova That’s what I’ve ever encountered, it’s hard to get into reverse gear and hard to get into gear,” said Supriyanto or familiarly called Ucup, the owner of the Rizky Automatic workshop. According to Ucup, […]

The price of a used car Toyota Kijang Innova is very cheap, check this variant

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The price of a used car Toyota Kijang Innova is already pocket-friendly. Kijang Innnova is one of the legendary MPV recommendations in Indonesia. Data from the site hello, Toyota Kijang Innova used car price the cheapest is IDR 100 million as of July 2021. The price of the new Toyota Kijang Innova […]