Noticed in… New York | Closing Bell Noticed in

Chinatown in Manhattan. Chinese make up the largest group of foreigners in New York City after immigrants from the Dominican Republic. Nowhere in the USA are more foreigners living than in the country’s largest city, New York City. Around 800 different languages ​​are said to be spoken here – a world record. According to official […]

Intershop receives building permit for AuPark | company real estate

(AWP) The Intershop (ISN 639.00 -1.54%) Holding has cleared an important hurdle in its AuPark development project in Wädenswil. The real estate company has received the building permit with detailed conditions. Intershop announced on Wednesday evening that these would now be examined in depth. Around 230 new apartments with an additional supply of quarters are […]

The best insurance, banks and credit cards | markets macro

The Sunday newspaper launched the major financial service provider check for the second time. And searched for the top institutes in Switzerland with a broad-based survey. Participants in the large survey were all Swiss adults who, as private or business customers, had experience with a bank or insurance company or who have a credit card. […]

Mortgages: Short and medium-term maturities are cheaper again | markets real estate

Mortgage interest rates in Switzerland are falling again. In March, the providers observed by “Finanz und Wirtschaft” reduced the standard rates for short and medium-term maturities: two-year fixed-rate mortgages cost an average of 0.92% per year, which is 8 basis points (bp) less than in February. The three-year lending rate was cut 9bps to 1.08% […]

Sandoz buys in UK | company health

(AWP) The Novartis subsidiary Sandoz strengthens its portfolio for the treatment of respiratory diseases. For this purpose, the British Coalesce Product Development was taken over, the generics division announced on Monday. The British company specializes in the development of medical devices and drugs. This expands the existing portfolio of respiratory drugs, the statement continues. No […]

Away with the US-China trade deal | opinions

Two years ago, the US and China sought to end their escalating trade war by signing an agreement under which China pledged to import $200 billion in additional goods and services from the US in 2020 and 2021 Compared to 2017 to buy. This represented a total offtake commitment of $502.5 billion over two years. […]

Attention bubble! | Opinions | finance and economy

The real estate market in the USA is really hot right now. It boils more violently than on the eve of the bursting of the great real estate bubble in 2008. The fingers point to the US Federal Reserve. With its ultra-loose monetary policy, which was intended to support the economy and markets during the […]