New validity periods for COVID certificates

COVID certificates issued in other countries outside the EU will now be recognized in our country New terms of validity for some of the COVID certificates have been announced by the Ministry of Health. For example, when vaccinated with a single dose vaccine, the document will become valid from the 15th, not from the 14th […]

The European Commission has proposed measures against rising energy prices, will consider a joint purchase of gas – ČT24 – Czech Television

The Commission also mentioned some longer-term steps, including the possible joint purchase of gas or the expansion of storage capacity. However, other fundamental demands of states, such as the reform of the electricity market or the regulation of emission allowance prices, have not been heard by the EU executive. The several-year-on-year rise in gas and […]

The “LDNR” began to issue diplomas of the Russian Federation – SBU

Photo: frame from video In the “DPR” trying to enter the diplomas of the Russian Federation Russian government authorities already recognize higher education diplomas issued by the “DPR”. The SBU exposed new evidence of the institutional presence of the Russian Federation in the Donetsk region. Now in the self-proclaimed “DPR” the “reform” of the sphere […]

Ukrainians began to receive COVID certificates –

Photo: Ukrainians have already received almost 300 thousand COVID certificates Almost 300 thousand people issued Ukrainian COVID certificates in the Diya application in a week. Ukrainians began to actively issue COVID certificates in the Diya application. How reported the head of the Ministry of Digital Industry Mikhail Fedorov, on Friday, August 27, almost 300 […]

The Audi A1 will officially end after this generation

The smallest and most affordable model in Audi’s offer pays for changes in preferences and concerns about emission limits. In recent years, we have witnessed a steady decline in the number of models in the small car segment, which has two explanations. The first is a change in the preferences of customers who in recent […]