The History of the iPod, Apple’s Music Player – Apple announced that they had stopped production iPod Touch. This announcement marks the end of the journey iPod overall. In fact, so far the iPod is known as one of the revolutionary products that brings portable music devices. Before Apple released the iPod, mp3-based music players were quite large and heavy. The iPod […]

Apple Stops iPod Touch Production After 20 Years

PEOPLE’S MIND – Apple stop production iPod Touch after being first launched in 2001. During life, the founder Apple Steve Jobs once said that the Ipod is a transformation of his invention. “With the Ipod, Apple has succeeded in discovering new things in playing music and allowing you listeners to enter the entire collection of […]

Watching Apple iPod Over Time After Official Retirement – Apple announced that its music player device, namely iPod series, retired. iPod Touch which is the last generation iPod is declared over, because Apple no longer produces the device. Through the company’s official website, Apple said the iPod Touch will be available “while supplies last”. This also marks the end of the iPod […]

Goodbye iPod Touch – Mobile

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 – 23:10 WIB Apple stops production of the iPod Touch. Photo: TRT World – Apple officially stops the production of a special device for multimedia service players, namely the iPod Touch. However, for iPods that are currently on the market from old production, these products can still be purchased while […]

‎Porcemall App on the App Store

The developer Xana System has indicated that data processing as described below may be part of the app’s privacy practices. To find out more, see the developer privacy policy. Data linking you The following data may be collected and linked to your identity: Data not relating to you The following data may be collected, but […]

‎5 Fun Snapchat Games : App Store Story

Snapchat offers more than just face filters and time-limited messages. Here you also play fun mini-games that put you and your friends in the center of the action in Bitmoji form. Before you get started, make sure you’ve got your Bitmoji equipped – otherwise your avatar will look super scary in-game. To do this, tap […]

So many have upgraded to iOS 15

It has been almost two weeks since the launch of iOS 15 and compared to previous versions, the interest from users seems to be relatively low. According to the latest statistics from Mixpanel the share for iOS 15 is 20.25 percent, while the share for iOS 14 is 74.18 percent. The remaining 5.56 percent run […]

Easy Transfers on the App Store

FreeYourMusic transfers your music between Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music and other music services. FreeYourMusic is THE EASIEST WAY TO TRANSFER YOUR PLAYLISTS from one stream to another. Move all your songs, playlists and albums between different music services and save up to 10 hours! “FreeYourMusic helps you make your music playlists […]

iPod Touch with iPhone 12 Design Launched this Year?

AKURAT.CO, The last time Apple refreshed its iPod Touch lineup was in 2019. So, many have wondered about the fate of the iPod Touch. According to Steve Moser on Twitter, Apple is reportedly preparing a new model of the device for later this year. Reporting from Ubergizmo, Sunday (23/5) a tweet from Moser claims that […]

Dating with Live Video Chat on the App Store

LovePlanet – The # 1 App for Online Chat and Dating.Intense communication, romance, or adventure? The most interesting boys and girls seek and find it every day on LovePlanet. CHAT ONLINEMake video calls to get to know people better. Go live to meet your fans. Talk in group chats about the most exciting topics REAL […]