23 wounded in the metro, the shooter still at large

At least 23 people were injured, including 10 by gunshot, after a shooting Tuesday morning in the New York subway. So far, no investigation “for terrorist act” has not been opened. At least 23 people were injured after gunfire on Tuesday morning April 12 at a New York subway station in Brooklyn, several local media […]

THE BALL – Palhinha and Matheus Nunes at the exit door (Sporting)

They are two of the most coveted players in the Sporting squad and both will be able to come out on the summer market. Matheus Nunes and João Palhinha have already seen their names associated with several clubs and, according to our newspaper, there have been conversations with the leonine officials about both players, but […]

Do citronella candles or ultrasound apps work against mosquitoes? – Wel.nl

One is always the spool, while the other is rarely stung: what drives a mosquito and how do you keep the mutts at bay? Most mosquito repellent products do not work. There are only four proven methods of keeping gadflies at bay. You light a citronella candle and put on a special wristband. Then open […]

THE BALL – Luís Campos arriving … Neymar leaving (Paris Saint-Germain)

According to news advanced this Tuesday by the renowned French sports newspaper The TeamLuís Campos has already given his verdict to the executive president of Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, regarding Neymar’s future at the club in the French capital. That publication points out that, for the Portuguese, Neymar could bring more problems than benefits to […]