Gyueshevo – no one to clear snow

It is snowing on the way to the Gueshevo border checkpoint, RIA informs. The institution warns drivers to drive with caution on the international road in the section between the checkpoint and the village of Vratsa. A 24 Chasa reporter saw that tonight there was no one to clear the snow that fell on the […]

Population decline in Russia increased by 70%

Photo: Radio Liberty Record mortality in Russia amid coronavirus pandemic The number of deaths in the Russian Federation in January-August 2021 increased by 18.5% – up to 1 million 523 646 people. In the first eight months of 2021 in Russia, the natural population decline – the excess of the number of deaths over the […]

Poverty! For 11 years the minimum wage has increased by only BGN 380.

Most employees on the minimum wage are in construction – 36.4%. PHOTO: Archive 5 times more take in France, the Netherlands and Germany Businesses and unions want it defined by a formula The minimum wage for 11 years has increased by only BGN 380 – from BGN 270 in 2011 to BGN 650 for this […]

Oil is trading at a high of two months

Oil rises above $ 76 for the first time since July 14 Oil prices rose 3.5% on the day. Quotes are rising due to a decrease in US inventories and a hurricane. World oil prices rose sharply in trading on Wednesday, September 15 amid declining US inventories. Thus, November futures for Brent crude on the […]

Аlyona Аlyona told how much she spends a month

Photo: Аlyon Аlyon The performer spends about $ 1000-1500 per month. But recently, she said, this figure has increased. Ukrainian rap singer Alyona Alyona shared with fans how much money she spends per month. She told about this on Instagram. “In fact, any businessman knows that every business first requires colossal investments. And only […]

Migration crisis: Lithuania asks to convene an extraordinary meeting of the EU Council

Lithuania requests to convene an extraordinary meeting of the EU Council due to migrants The number of illegal migrants in Lithuania has almost doubled in two weeks, the Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs said. Lithuanian Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite appealed to the Slovenian Interior Minister with an appeal to convene an extraordinary meeting of the […]

It became known how many Ukrainians were banned from entering Poland by border guards

Photo: Poland today Almost two thousand Ukrainians tried to cross the border with Poland with fake documents In 2021, the number of attempts by Ukrainian citizens to cross the Polish border with forged documents increased. In the first half of 2021, border guards denied entry to Poland to 10,368 Ukrainian citizens, which is 40% less […]