November 13 trial: Adel Haddadi, terrorist in spite of himself?

On the evening of November 13, 2015, ten terrorists spread out at the Stade de France, on the terraces of restaurants and cafes and at the Bataclan. Only one is still alive: Salah Abdeslam. But during that tragic night, the Islamic State group had planned to deploy two other terrorists: Adel Haddadi, a 34-year-old Algerian, […]

Wafa Mustafa, the voice of the invisible victims of Syria

The photo made the rounds on the social networks of the Syrian diaspora, a little less on the media, after ten years of conflict in Syria. Wafa Mustafa sits in court in Koblenz, Germany, holding the portrait of her father Ali, surrounded by photos of some of the 100,000 Syrian missing, the vast majority of […]

Covid-19. Despite record contaminations, telework does not take off

Face to record Covid-19 contaminations, nearly 370,000 on Tuesday, the company health protocol has provided since January 3, 2022 that employers set “A minimum number of three days of teleworking per week, for positions which allow it”. And for three weeks. Previously, it provided for a simple ” target “ two to three days a […]

Telework. The three days minimum remain little applied in companies

The three days minimum made compulsory by the government are not sufficiently respected, according to a Harris Interactive poll conducted for the Ministry of Labor. The government deplores an effort by many companies “Not up to the task” of the situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic dont contaminations explode due to the Omicron variant. During […]

New Covid-19 protocol: childminders not paid and forgotten?

The day before, Linda, maternal assistant Rennes, who cares for four young children at home, learned that a parent of one of them tested positive for Covid. Gold, ” with the new protocol, the child under 3 years old can continue to come by doing a test on day zero, then another on D + […]

How to properly insure your pet?

“More than ever, animals are part of the family. There are even shrinks for dogs and cats! Veterinary care is increasingly important, so we want to anticipate these expenses ”, explains Fabien Soccio, project manager at, an online insurance comparator, to explain the interest in insuring his animal. Expenses at the vet can quickly […]

What are the senators going to do with the vaccination pass?

Will the debates be more peaceful than at the Palais Bourbon ? The Senate, with a right-wing majority, examined in committee The law project transforming the health pass into a vaccination pass Monday January 10, 2022, before entering the hemicycle on Tuesday. Finally adopted by the deputies, after multiple sitting suspensions and lively debates, the […]

TESTIMONY. “Panic”, “chaos”: Caroline Deforge on the front line of screening

After the end of the year holidays, the cold shower! Since returning from vacation, Caroline Deforge, 52, liberal nurse in Joué-lès-Tours (Indre-et-Loire), is faced with the increasingly frequent aggressiveness of people seeking to be tested for Covid-19. “With the start of the school year, it is chaos. My phone keeps ringing she breathes. Many people […]

Soccer. Australian Josh Cavallo targeted by homophobic comments. Sport

His words had made a bit of noise on the football planet. Last October, the Australian Josh Cavallo, Adelaide player, had come out. Which represented a great first for an active player. And, unfortunately, he suffered, this Saturday, January 8, homophobic remarks. “Hate will never win” His Adelaide club were moving on the Melbourne Victory […]

“Fossils” of the first stars in the Universe discovered

To do galactic archeology, you have to understand what our galaxy has absorbed over time, know its foundations., explains to theAFP Nicolas Martin, astrophysicist at the Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory. And for that, looking very far in space and therefore in time, like the Hubble Space Telescope does and soon will James Webb. Or else find […]