Pokémon triggers purchase of McDonald’s Happy Meal

This year marks 25 years of Pokémon, a popular Japanese anime that is still in force thanks to video games. As part of the festivities, McDonald’s in the United States will give away collectible anniversary cards in Happy Meals. In total there are 50 cards with the first 24 Pokémon. After the announcement, the massive […]

They harass debtor loan companies

Delicias.- An average of five daily consultancies during the last month, provided the State Human Rights Commission to citizens victims of harassment by companies dedicated to granting loans, whose employees annoy debtors at any time of day and in any place . Inopportune visits to homes and work centers, as well as threats and intimidation, […]

Reopening of community centers begins

Ciudad Juárez.- The councilors that make up the Community Centers Commission held a meeting to supervise the reactivation of activities in the 48 spaces administered by the Municipal Government. In a statement it was reported that there is a lot of demand from the population that requires the services and programs offered by the Municipality […]

Lawyer Javier Cuellar Moreno dies

The Government of the State of Chihuahua reported on the death of Javier Cuellar Moreno, founder of the Benito Juárez Bar and Bar Association in Ciudad Juárez. The Government of the State of Chihuahua regrets the death of the lawyer and editorial writer from Ciudad Juárez, Javier Cuéllar Moreno. We send our condolences to family, […]

Trump to visit Texas border to ‘show off’ wall

Washington.- President Donald Trump plans to travel to the United States border with Mexico next Tuesday to enhance his administration’s work related to the border wall, the White House reported on Saturday. Trump will visit the town of Alamo, Texas. The president seeks to enhance the completion of nearly 400 miles (644 kilometers) of border […]

My feelings about Los Angeles Azules exceeds a billion views

Los Angeles Azules’ video clip “Mis feelings” reached one billion views on YouTube’s digital platform, becoming the first Mexican group to have two productions with the same number of views. The clip, in which the Mexican Ximena Sariñana participates, is added to that of “Never enough”, (in which the multiplayer of the Latin Grammy, Natalia […]

In the balance the credit application

More resources. It is clear that Governor Javier Corral Jurado wants to close his administration with a flourish. In 2021 he will finish his term as governor and he still has some pending projects and others that he wants to start, so a large sum of money is required. The president requested a credit of […]

This is the first name that Bill Gates would give to ‘Windows’

It recently marked 35 years since the launch of Windows 1.01, which marked the beginning of Microsoft’s operating system, it took Windows time to reach the peak of success, but little by little it was building the path that has catapulted it as the operating system for computers most used in the world. In 1983 […]