Offenbach tightens budget freeze

WBecause the Offenbach chamberlain Martin Wilhelm (SPD) and his department assess the financial situation of the city as “very tense” and the rising inflation is also increasing the costs of the municipality, the city has ordered a stricter budget freeze. It will be increased from 20 to 25 percent this year. This means that administrative […]

Aming and Evelyn’s Household Facts Revealed, Unexpected

Monday, 09 May 2022 – 04:09 WIB Evelyn Nada Anjani. Photo: doc jpnn, JAKARTA – Celebrity Evelyn Nada Anjani confirmed that she was pregnant before marrying actor and comedian Aming, in 2016. Aminng’s ex-wife did not want to cover up the truth to the media crew, Sunday (8/5). “Indeed yes, pregnant first,” said Evelynwhen […]

Loans halved: Neuwied swallows the edition of the ADD – Neuwied district

The announcement by the Supervisory and Service Directorate (ADD) was clear: because the city of Neuwied is violating budgetary law, the ADD will only approve half of the loans planned in the 2022 budget (the RZ reported). The city council approved this condition on Thursday – unanimously with 16 abstentions – because the consequences of […]

District of Wunsiedel: SPD: “Increase marketing” – Fichtelgebirge

The leader of the Social Democrats in the district council, Holger Grießhammer, is concerned about the financial situation of the smaller municipalities as well as that of the district. “The tried-and-tested stabilization aids that we as a district are demanding seem to be on the way out for the state government.” On the one hand, […]

Façade festival “Genius Loci” fails in Erfurt because of money

This year there will be no “Genius Loci” facade projection festival. As festival boss Hendrik Wendler said, the spectacle cannot be held in Erfurt. Despite months of negotiations, the city administration could not agree on the costs. Country cuts funding The state has reduced its funding from the last 200,000 euros to 100,000 euros. According […]

A new blow is coming to the pocket of the Bulgarian! Bulgargaz wants …

Bulgargaz proposes that the price of natural gas for April be BGN 157.73 per megawatt-hour (EUR 80.65 / MWh). This was announced by the company on its website. It is shock price increase as it is currently BGN 113.73 per megawatt hour. The increase is as much as 38.7%. The news comes amid rising prices […]

Radka Třeštíková was shocked by the appearance: Perfection!

First you are Třeštíková she had her cleavage improved and now she came with a bangs. You can see that he takes care of himself and wants to feel good in his body. Since she announced her breakup with her husband Tomáš Třeštík, she has only been blooming and her fans perceive it. “Well, that’s […]