Representatives of ORDLO called a new “condition” for the opening of KPVV – Garmash

Photo: Representative of Donetsk in the TCG Sergey Garmash At the TCG meeting, they discussed, in particular, the opening of a checkpoint on the demarcation line and the exchange of detained persons. Representatives of the “LDPR” refused Ukraine’s offer to open a CPVV in the Donbas, demanding direct contacts of sanitary doctors from ORDLO […]

Solomon Passy: Russia will invade Ukraine, but when and how is unknown

Dr. Solomon Passy “Russia will invade Ukraine, what is not known is when, how much and how it will invade. How the Russians treated us. We had an extremely good dialogue with Russia. We told Russia that we were joining NATO, we said that we are building American military bases. We are building American bases […]

Arabian coalition launched military operation to liberate Yemen

Photo: On all fronts and directions – the coalition A large-scale military operation is being carried out “to restore security in Yemen.” The Arabian coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, announced the beginning of a large-scale military operation on all fronts, aimed at liberating part of Yemen’s territory, which is controlled by the Yemeni movement […]

The foreign minister is discussing Russian troops and Ukraine with the United States

Teodora Genchovska Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bulgarian Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska has had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken about “the destabilizing gathering of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.” The need for a united position on the defense of NATO countries was also discussed, with Blinken reaffirming the […]

Russian bombers patrolled the borders of Belarus

Photo: PAO Tupolev Strategic bombers Tu-22M3 of the Russian Aerospace Forces flew over the border of Belarus The Belarusian Ministry of Defense said that the patrolling was carried out, in particular, because of the increased frequency of flights of various aircraft near the state border of the republic. Russia and Belarus patrolled borders Union State… […]

Police caught Krefelder with drugs in their rucksacks

Krefeld A 39-year-old Krefeld was caught in Gelsenkirchen main station with drugs in his backpack. The federal police made other discoveries. On the night of November 3, federal police officers checked several people in Gelsenkirchen’s main train station. Within a few hours, they found several prohibited and dangerous items in four men, the police said. […]

Enthusiasm to watch bicycle racing in Garut becomes a crowd

GARUT, KOMPAS.TV, – The national championship or national championship for bicycle racing ICF National Championship 2021 was held in Garut Regency, West Java, which was attended by 400 athletes from 23 provinces in the country who competed in several branches ranging from MTB and Cross Country road bikes. For this Road Race class, for example, […]

RF again blocked the work of the subgroup in the TCG

Photo: Facebook / Sergey Garmash Russian Federation “scored” on all international law – Garmash Russia continues to block the opening of checkpoints and the exchange of detainees and refuses to discuss the “Steinmeier formula.” During a meeting of the humanitarian subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) on resolving the situation in Donbass, the Russian […]

Launched Today, OPPO Reno6 Brings an Advanced AI Camera and is Ready to Pamper Gamers – There is always an interesting new technology to look forward to in a smartphone innovation. Moreover, as time goes by, the function of smartphones is now not only as a means of communication, but has been able to support various jobs to daily lifestyles. Talking about innovation and technology in smartphones, it’s incomplete […]