The stock exchanges today, 27 September. Price lists cautious after the German vote. Oil goes up. Lagarde: “Recovery stronger than expected. Excluding rate hike in 2023”

MILANO – 3:45 pm. The European lists move cautiously upwards, but lose a bit of their shine during the session afterwards the German vote which rewards the SPD, but announces months of difficult negotiations to express a government. In the raw materials sector, the issues related to the energy crisis are still going crazy, which […]

Stock exchanges today 30 June: EU lists up, new highs for Nasdaq

MILANO – European stock exchanges closed weakly, exhausting the thrust that had come at the opening from the new records, last night, on Wall Street: during the session, optimism gave way to concern. The Delta variant is still conditioning the moods of the markets, the spread of which risks slowing down the pace of the […]