Captures of dolphins: fishermen denounce a “campaign of demonization”

French fishermen denounce a “Demonization campaign” from NGOs which point the finger at their role in reducing the dolphin population in the Bay of Biscay. “The problem of accidental captures of marine mammals and more particularly common dolphins has turned into an operation of communication and denigration of the profession of fishermen and of the […]

Minister continues to lie: EMCC | Deep Sea Fishing | EMCC | J Mercykutty Amma

Kochi: EMCC President Shiju M. Varghese has lashed out at Minister J.Mercykuttyamma after the controversial EMCC-Inland Navigation Corporation MoU was canceled. The minister is constantly lying. How can you not be open anymore? Every day is a lie. Shiju openly denies even a written statement. The company tried to invest by trusting the authorities. The […]

These fishermen will make millions after discovering 127 kg of whale vomit

Fishermen Yemenis have received exceptional purchase offers after discovering 127 kg ofambergris in the corpse of a whale. Four of them spotted the remains of the animal floating in the Gulf of Aden (Yemen) Saturday February 13. They had to call on other fishermen to bring the body back to dry land, says The National […]

In Mexico, violent altercation between Sea Shepherd and fishermen

Mexican waters of the Gulf of California, renamed world aquarium by Commander Cousteau, are far from calm. Tensions are ever more frequent between fishermen and environmental NGOs in this maritime setting, the only habitat for pacific porpoises, the world’s most endangered marine mammal. One fisherman died and another was injured after an altercation with members […]

Brexit. 1,500 provisional authorizations granted to European fishermen

The United Kingdom will issue provisional entry licenses for European fishing vessels to be able to access British waters from Friday, announced Thursday evening the French Ministry of the Sea, a few hours from Brexi. In total, 1,500 “Provisional licenses” will be granted on the evening of Thursday to allow European fishing vessels to go […]

Brexit. British fishermen blame Boris Johnson for surrendering

British fishermen on Saturday blamed the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to have sold at a discount the fishery resources to the European Union within the framework ofa post-Brexit agreement that grants European ships significant access to British waters, a criticism also formulated by some politicians. The United Kingdom will effectively leave the community bloc and […]

Brexit: Lump sum aid for impacted French fishermen, disappointment on the British side

The French Ministry of the Sea unveiled on Thursday several measures of the support plan for fishermen and fishmongers after the announcement of a post-Brexit trade agreement between London and the European Union. “Fishermen and wholesalers will be able to benefit from a flat-rate aid of up to € 30,000.00 depending on their dependence on […]

Japan wants to discharge radioactive water from Fukushima into the ocean

According to Japanese Minister of Industry and Trade Hiroshi Gadjama, nothing has been officially decided yet. “But we must make a decision quickly,” Gajiyama told a news conference. The Japanese government should issue a verdict by the end of this month. During the 2011 accident, radioactive water leaked from three damaged reactors at the Fukushima […]

Desperate mother Rosetta is chained in front of Palazzo Chigi – Il Tempo

September 30, 2020 Rosetta Ingargiola, mother of Pietro, one of the fishermen of Mazara del Vallo kidnapped and imprisoned by the Libyans last September 1st, shakes the Palace with a sensational protest awaiting news from Giuseppe Conte and Luigi di Maio. His son Pietro was arrested and kidnapped last September by the Libyans of Benghazi […]